Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Collection Haul

Is it just me or can anybody else still not drop the "2000" part of Collection (2000)? 

I bought a few new lip items a few days ago and for the price, as always I was pretty impressed. It was on 3 for 2 at Superdrug and I thought it was only on Collection items until I left (oops)! I think the pigmentation of their lipsticks are pretty good personally. As long as it doesn't highlight the dryness on my lips then that makes me love a lipstick more, lasting power isn't highly on my list as I don't like to eat with lipstick/gloss on nor do I wear it for work so as long as I have a mirror to re-apply that's fine with me!

L-R Collection 2000 Lock n Hold Lipgloss Body Pop 1, Lipstick 06 Bubblegum, Lipstick 08 Sweet Tart
I was drawn to the lasting colour lipstick shades, if you're a regular reader you'll know I love pink anything, especially lip products but recently I've only just started to experiment in nude pink colours. I love the shade of this on my lips and it goes great with the lock n hold lipgloss over the top too!

Lipstick 08 Sweet Tart
 This is a bright pink shade, same as all my other shades I'm sure but with a slight twist haha. It's a gorgeous shade, and you can never have too many pink lipsticks!

Lipstick 06 Bubblegum
 This isn't a shade I'd normally be drawn towards but I thought for the price (£2.99) why not?! I think it suits my skin tone and it's really creamy. As I've said, underneath the Lock n Hold lipgloss, it also looks fab!

Collection 2000 Lock n Hold Shade Body Pop 1
 I'm a newbie to lipgloss and I'm trying a few out for summer in hope that I find the perfect shade and this is pretty nice. It's not too sticky and I love the smell, it's very sweet which isn't to everybody's taste but I love it! Baby pink is quite easy to wear during the day too. I haven't tested out the 6 hour wear, it's a pretty strong claim but I wouldn't try wearing it for 6 hours!

As you can see from the swatch below, it is quite a baby pink but not too in-your-face. I have had bad experiences with ultra sticky lipglosses in the past which have put me off but now I'm back in the game and getting into lipgloss again!

Lipstick swatches 08 Sweet Tart and 06 Bubblegum
As you can see they're quite different when they're applied and I love them both equally. They're great value for £2.99! I bought them from Superdrug as mentioned but they're not on their website, nor on Collection's (why don't they have an online shop?), anyway they're on the Boots website here in 11 shades! Check them out :)

Hope you're all having a great day!

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