Thursday, 10 May 2012

Beauty Formulas

Sorry about the flash along the top - The brand is Beauty Formulas.
Does anybody out there have large pores on their nose? Yep, I do! What a nightmare it is when they show up quite visibly, even over foundation. Thanks to this and another product (review to come soon), it's made them a little less visible. I absolutely love putting these strips on and have tried quite a few nose pore strips in my time and haven't found much of a difference. I bought these in Poundland but I'm sure they're available in quite a few places from what I've seen, as well as online here. I've bought several of the products from their range before and although cheap, they are pretty good and I re-purchase on a regular basis.

They claim to remove blackheads, dirt and grease and I can vouch that this is, in fact, true!

I make sure I cleanse my face thoroughly before hand with my usual cleanser and toner, then completely wet my face so the strip can cling to my nose and do its' job properly! I love the feel (excuse the pun) of it getting hard as I know it's working and once I rip it off it'll get rid of them awful blackheads and grease and I'll be left with fresh, clean skin. I won't disgust you showing you the after math, but try it for yourself and see the damage that was there before!

Do you use nose pore strips? Have you tried anything from this brand? Let me know your thoughts.

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