Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Barbara Daly Eyeshadows

I was wowed when I received a gorgeous swirl eyeshadow from the new Barbara Daly range at Tesco. It isn't a shade I normally go for but as I'm currently experimenting with different colours that suit me at the moment I couldn't wait to try it! It's a gorgeous silver/grey shade and looks great blended in the outer corners of my eyes.

Barbara Daly released the collection of Extra Dimension Eye Shadows* as a rival to Mac. They look very similar and as I haven't tried the Mac version, I can't compare but these are amazing. £8 is more than I'd usually spend on an eyeshadow, but compared to the Mac £16.50 rivals, you're making a huge saving. They have 10 shades online, mainly evening darker shades but a couple of dusty pink colours too.

They are highly pigmented and the picture below is with just one stroke. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the expensive Mac then have a look on the Tesco website, or even in store for the shades they do.

Below is the comparison between the Mac version and the Barbara Daly Cinder Shine shade. They're very similar and I think it was a good move by BD!
Image courtesy of Lemonaide PR
Mac Warm Thunder vs BD Cinder Shine*

You can buy them online for £8 here. Have you tried any of the Barbara Daly Extra Dimension range? What do you think?

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