Tuesday, 10 April 2012

They're Real

Firstly how amazing is the packaging for this mascara! The box is cute it comes in too but it's just so quirky and I'm a sucker for gimics like this.

I like the plastic wand although I hate the feel of it touching my eyelid (is that just me?!) The tiny spikes claim to get every single lash and recently I'd been using a curled wand up until this, but to be honest, it's made no difference straight or curly. On my visit to the Benefit Brow Bar opening, Leanne @ Benefit used this mascara on me, however I already had mascara on so I wanted to be completely un-biased and wait to see how I felt after a few days to see the difference. I currently use Maybelline Volume "Falsies" Express and for the price tag it works fine with me and doesn't dry up quickly.

Personally, I have such fine lashes that it's rare that I see a difference in lengthening or volume. I do like the mascara but don't feel it "benefits" me (excuse the pun). It lengthened my eyelashes a little, but the main negative for me was removing it. I've had problems in the past with losing eyelashes, in my sleep and using eyelash curlers and now I've finally got most of them back, I don't want more to disappear. I don't think it's worth the £18.50 price tag. I was disappointed but don't dispair I still love Benefit. What doesn't work for me, may work for you so see if you like it at the Benefit stands first!

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