Monday, 2 April 2012

March Favourites

L-R Topshop Cream Blush Head Over Heels, Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, Bioderma Sensibio Cleanser, St Moriz, Clean & Clear Shine Control Moisturiser
This month I’ve had a few new things to test but I thought I’d let you know my favourites of everything I’ve tried! In no particular order I’ll start with cleanser. This will come as no surprise to most people..

The Bioderma cleanser. I’ve been using this a couple of months now and find it just works. It’s great for all over my face, including eyes (which does scare me a lot with other cleansers when they sting!) but this one is gentle and great for removing makeup. I seem to be able to get most of my makeup off with one cotton wipe and job done for the cleansing part. I just wish it was more easy to get hold of in the UK, without the price tag anyway.

Secondly, is the Benefit new liquid foundation. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, this is pretty perfect and I've done a whole review on that already here so check it out!

Ever since I bought the Topshop cream blush in head over heels - cheesy alert, I really was, head over heels. I do love this. I was really drawn towards this colour in the packaging but I've been wearing it every day since I got it and over my Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzing powder on my cheek bones I find they work well together to create some definition that I naturally don't have. 

Clean and clear isn't a brand I'm that familiar with. I've been pretty lucky when it comes to my skin for the last 21 years of my life, but recently it seems I've been prone to a shiny t-zone and occasionally, cheeks. Luckily, whilst browsing shops (as I do quite a lot..) I noticed Clean & Clear Shine Control. I'm always sceptical about these sort of things that claim they can get rid of things, but it really does work. I've been using it both morning and evening, under my makeup in the morning and it's lasting a lot longer than before. The heat we've had the past few weeks doesn't help though, but it's pretty good going!

L-R Percy & Reed Shampoo, Batiste Light & Blonde Dry Shampoo
As always, I favourite Batiste more than any other dry shampoo brand. Having blonde hair, I've never experienced the "dry roots" that people have mentioned when using dry shampoo so all of the range I have works, but I thought I'd try the Batiste for light and blonde hair in a 200ml bottle and love it. I'm not one for the scents usually but this is just right. It seems to have a hint of colour and saves me every other day when I'm in a rush. Another review I've just done is the new Cherry edition which is linked here.

I’ve had many ups and downs with my hair but this month I’ve found a new shampoo that I like. I actually got it free in a magazine and it’s the Percy and Reed range. When I get anything free, I usually tend to just have a quick test and throw it in the bin. The packaging doesn’t shout £14 price tag but as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. My hair was so soft and I can’t quite say shiny (as I have blonde hair) but it definitely felt more healthy.

What's your favourites this month? 

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  1. Blonde dry shampoo is definitely a staple for me! Especially on those mornings when I'm running late!!

    1. Ah me too, made for lazy people when we're on the go! ;) x

  2. I've heard the St Moritz is meant to be as good as St you agree?
    Would love you to stop by my blog & check out my latest outfit post!
    Happy Tuesday hun xoxo

    1. Yes, and much cheaper too! :) thank you, i'll check it out for sure x


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