Friday, 27 April 2012

I < 3 Sudocrem

Does anybody remember when Chloe from TOWIE said how great it was and another celeb, although I can't remember who, then the price rocketed for a while?

Well, on one of my many bargain hunting shopping trips, I noticed Sudocrem being sold in a tube, miniature format. Hoorah! I thought...It wasn't much difference in price to the tub version but as most girls do, I chose the "prettier" looking one. It's exactly the same product but great for travelling, in your handbag etc.
Sudocrem is one of those versatile products that can be used for anything!

 I've had a bit of a "spotty crisis" despite being away for a week. (isn't the sun supposed to help clear your skin up?!) anyways, this has really helped spots clear up with another product (review to come) and it was only 99p from Home Bargains! It isn't the best at blending in like moisturisers but I mainly use it at night, wait for it to sink in then it's easier to blend and not look so ghost-like. This and e45 are my main go-to products when I have dry skin, which happens frequently and since I got back from my holiday recently, I used it on my peeling patches and this also helped!

Sudocrem is now part of my skincare routine and proves it isn't just for babies nappy rashes!

Does anybody else use Sudocrem for other uses? I'd love to hear.

On another note, I will be doing more posts soon, I've been a busy bee at the moment and since coming back from holiday had no time to spare but I'll share some pictures soon!

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  1. I love Sudocreme too. It is such an underrated product, I've always used it. It's great to have around for it's more obvious purposes like cuts, grazes and burns too! I also really love the smell of it.  x

  2. It really is! I like the smell too haha, I thought I was weird for it. x


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