Sunday, 29 April 2012

Twisted Sista?

For the last couple of weeks I've been trying out a few of the Twisted Sista range. My first impression was that the range was aimed at more curly, afro-Caribbean hair from what I'd heard, but they have launched a new styling range recently and I was kindly sent a few products to test out. My favourite thing about all the products are that they contain Argan oil and lychee (which smells a-mazing!). I'm not really one for hair products, but the occasional styling one is great, but we all need heat protectant right?

The range is free from sulphates, parabens, phalates and mineral oil to maintain a healthy condition, and contains UV filters to shield colour and style from harmful sun damage anti-oxidants and urban pollution.I have noticed my hair has felt more softer when using the hair protector when straightening, plus you can't complain about the smell! 

They have quite a few new products in their range, all available at Tesco RRP £4.99. Personally I think the price is a little much, but they are good products and good for your hair.

I used the spray on damp-dry hair, preferably damp before I dried it or left it to dry overnight and then once straightened, I could see the frizzy bits had reduced dramatically. I am fickle with most products, but I don't think I'd re-purchase this as I have so many hair products to use up at the moment.

Have you tried any of the Twisted Sista range? What do you think about their pricing and being free from all the "nasties"?

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Friday, 27 April 2012

I < 3 Sudocrem

Does anybody remember when Chloe from TOWIE said how great it was and another celeb, although I can't remember who, then the price rocketed for a while?

Well, on one of my many bargain hunting shopping trips, I noticed Sudocrem being sold in a tube, miniature format. Hoorah! I thought...It wasn't much difference in price to the tub version but as most girls do, I chose the "prettier" looking one. It's exactly the same product but great for travelling, in your handbag etc.
Sudocrem is one of those versatile products that can be used for anything!

 I've had a bit of a "spotty crisis" despite being away for a week. (isn't the sun supposed to help clear your skin up?!) anyways, this has really helped spots clear up with another product (review to come) and it was only 99p from Home Bargains! It isn't the best at blending in like moisturisers but I mainly use it at night, wait for it to sink in then it's easier to blend and not look so ghost-like. This and e45 are my main go-to products when I have dry skin, which happens frequently and since I got back from my holiday recently, I used it on my peeling patches and this also helped!

Sudocrem is now part of my skincare routine and proves it isn't just for babies nappy rashes!

Does anybody else use Sudocrem for other uses? I'd love to hear.

On another note, I will be doing more posts soon, I've been a busy bee at the moment and since coming back from holiday had no time to spare but I'll share some pictures soon!

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Creamy Shortbread Aromatico

I couldn't resist a cheeky post about this AMAZING candle. Hands down the most amazing candle I've ever smelt. It is huge and I was so surprised when I found it in B&M Bargains for a bargainous £3.99 or 2 for £7. I have no idea why I didn't get 2 as now I can't seem to find it again but I am on the lookout both online and in stores.

I prefer the huge candles now-a-days as I've come to the conclusion that it gives off way more scent and fills the room with yummy creamy shortbread that makes me want to eat it!

Have you seen this range of candles before? For a good Yankee Candle dupe, if I say so myself, and saving a lot of money, I highly recommend purchasing. Yum!

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ultra Radiance Mist


A couple of weeks ago I attended the Benefit Brow Event, as you may have already read and I got a few goodies, this being one of them and I was very impressed. Leanne @ Benefit showed me a few of the skincare products they personally love and I was intrigued by a few which are gradually being added to my ever-expanding wishlist, especially the Refined Finish Facial Polish.

I'll be scheduling this post to go up whilst I will be in Tenerife and I am definitely taking this. It's a great refreshing feeling that also sets my make-up well. I haven't seen many things like this before, whilst I currently use the Clinique 3 step skincare that I know of and love. I have also been using it to help take my make up off and it's been great for helping my Bioderma cleanser along on some days when my skin needs that extra bit of moisture. I think this will last me quite a while but once it's used up I intend to try something else from their skincare line!

You can buy the Ultra Radiance mist either online here or at one of their counters, RRP £19.50.

Have you tried any of their skincare line? What are your thoughts?

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Re-Gen Cream

On my usual bargain hunting shopping I spotted this cream and thought it looks pretty good so have been trying it out. It has a wide variety of uses that it promises treatment for stretch marks, scars, dry and blemished skin. Considering I have stretch marks at the moment on my thighs which won't seem to budge, I'm trying this out in the hope it works like Bio-oil but without the horrible oil feeling. I also get a lot of dry skin from time to time and thought maybe when I get the odd blemishes I can use this instead of sudocreme.

It's been working a treat so far and I'm going to continue using it on my legs but it's working well so far on my dry patches and also blemishes. I'm impressed as it was only £3.99 from Home Bargains and as usual, I fell for the packaging.

Have you tried this cream or maybe even bio oil? Does anybody have any remedy's for stretch marks?

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ebay Blush Palette

I waited so long for this to arrive that I ended up getting this and the Sleek palette arrive on my door step on the same day. It meant that I was excited for both but this one made me more curious as it's quite a big palette. The packaging is basic but pretty. I had already read that Victoria from had bought it on the same day so I was eager to read about it. She received hers a few days before me so I was happy to hear it was in fact as good as I hoped and for the price (£4.48) you can't go wrong! I had bought it from this seller and it took about 2-3 weeks to arrive but was worth the wait. I would go as far to say I love this more than the Sleek palette and will be re-purchasing soon in case I can't get hold of it again.

ebay blush palette

I really, really do love this palette and can't believe how well pigmented it is for the price. My favourite colours are top row - second and third one in and bottom row - third and forth. There is a few that I feel you have to swipe a few times across your cheek to build up the colour, but other than that it's great.

Bottom Row - Sorry about the horrendous swatches!

Top Row - Again, sorry about the poor lighting swatches!
Have you tried any blush palettes you can recommend? I'm a real blush junkie but this has over-taken all the blushers I own!

Hope you're all having a good week, I will be a day into my holiday when I schedule this so hopefully Blogger won't fail me!

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Saturday, 14 April 2012


Woo! Just to start off on a happy note, I'm going on holiday today YAY! I'll be leaving you all with some scheduled posts as I won't have any internet whilst I am away but I will instagram lots so please follow me there as I'm pretty lonely (paulab90).

See you all in a week!

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Samsung Global Blogger

Just a quick post today to inform you about a project being run by Samsung for a worldwide search for Samsung's Global Blogger for the London 2012 Olympic Games!

What is it?

Samsung are offering bloggers from all over the world a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an ambassador blogger in London during the Olympic Games. Bloggers will be able to share their personal experience of the London 2012 Olympic Games and the different cultures that make up the city; capture the 'taste of London' uncovering the best the city has to offer; and to broadcast their experiences to the world on the specially created Samsung blog

British chef, Jamie Oliver, is part of the Samsung Global Blogger campaign. As a lover of food and flavours he has recorded a video which will explain why he feels London is the greatest city in the world and why you should apply to take part and experience the unique ‘taste of London’ for yourself. You can watch the video on the Samsung Global Blogger website here.

What they're looking for.

  • Confidence and energy in front of the camera
  • A passion for your subject matter
  • Imagination and originality
  • A good sense of humour
  • A social butterfly – do you use Twitter? Or talk to the world on your own blog?
  • The ability to tell a story well through video and the written word

How do I enter?

If you would like to take part, you’ll need to record a 30 second video stating why you should be picked to come to London and submit it online at
Entries will be accepted from March 30th through to the 22nd April.

I think this is a great opportunity! Unfortunately I am not around for the Olympic Games so I can't enter personally but would love one of my readers to win! Let me know how you get on. 

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Cream Puff Collection 2000

cream puff collection 2000
RRP - £2.99
An absolute favourite since I bought it a few months ago is the Collection 2000 (Now known as Collection) Cream Puff in shade Cotton Candy. Firstly, the price, £2.99! Amazing. Secondly, with me having dry skin/lips etc it's very rare I find a lipstick that doesn't highlight that but this is great, it just glides over, it's moisturising and the colour is highly pigmented. I love the colour and want them ALL. But please Collection, make more shades?! :-)

I wear this over lip balm but it can be worn without. I love the smell and the taste of it and really, it is worth purchasing. I'm not one for close up lips pictures so I'll just say this, go and buy it!
It is available in quite a few places, Tesco, Boots, Superdrug or even online.

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

They're Real

Firstly how amazing is the packaging for this mascara! The box is cute it comes in too but it's just so quirky and I'm a sucker for gimics like this.

I like the plastic wand although I hate the feel of it touching my eyelid (is that just me?!) The tiny spikes claim to get every single lash and recently I'd been using a curled wand up until this, but to be honest, it's made no difference straight or curly. On my visit to the Benefit Brow Bar opening, Leanne @ Benefit used this mascara on me, however I already had mascara on so I wanted to be completely un-biased and wait to see how I felt after a few days to see the difference. I currently use Maybelline Volume "Falsies" Express and for the price tag it works fine with me and doesn't dry up quickly.

Personally, I have such fine lashes that it's rare that I see a difference in lengthening or volume. I do like the mascara but don't feel it "benefits" me (excuse the pun). It lengthened my eyelashes a little, but the main negative for me was removing it. I've had problems in the past with losing eyelashes, in my sleep and using eyelash curlers and now I've finally got most of them back, I don't want more to disappear. I don't think it's worth the £18.50 price tag. I was disappointed but don't dispair I still love Benefit. What doesn't work for me, may work for you so see if you like it at the Benefit stands first!

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Friday, 6 April 2012

Blush by 3 Palette Lace

Sleek Blush by 3 Palette - Lace RRP £10. 

I recently got the Sleek Blush by 3 palette in Lace and wow it's amazing. I was torn between the different ones but decided I'd use this the most. I've seen there's a Pink Sprint version, which I've not been able to get hold of so I decided to get this. I'm not one usually for corals but I thought why not and got it anyway. As you can just about see from my badly swatched arm below, the middle colour is very shimmery and probably only one I'd wear for special occasions. The left colour is very coral and a day to day blush that I'd wear. The one on the right is quite dark so is needed to be blended quite a lot but I'd probably only wear that with more of a tan as I'm a pale lass most days!

I do love it and would recommend it but then I'd also recommend another palette, blog post to follow. This one is lovely! They're very pigmented blushes and think for £10, it's worth it!

Have you tried any of the blush palettes?

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Benefit Brow Bars

Warning: up close up unfortunate picture of my face!

On Saturday I went to a Benefit opening of a Brow Bar in Debenhams Preston and was so excited. I get my eyebrows waxed at a salon every 4 weeks and normally was quite happy with that, but felt differently after the Benefit brow experience. I hate my eyebrow shape but learnt how to work with it to the best of my abilities, and I must say it impressed me a lot.

Firstly, Leanne @ Benefit taught me about brow mapping which is finding the a,b and c parts of your eyebrow. An easy way to do this is get a pencil and line it up to the inner corner of your nose and the inner corner of your eye. Then you can make a mark, this is where your eyebrow should start.

Secondly, you then hold the pencil horizontally from the outside corner of your nose through the outer corner of your pupil and make another mark as this is where your arch should be. Apparently mine is in the right place, so they are perfect in some way!

Thirdly, you line up the outer corner of your nose with the outer corner of your eye to make the final mark, this is the ending point of your eyebrow. Then you can fill in between the marks for your perfect Benefit Brow.

It was getting dark by the time I got home so excuse the bad lighting, you get the idea!
Shell did a fantastic job and I couldn't thank her enough. I was amazed how it changed my face shape and I love this trademark brow. I believe I will now be starting to sport this look for a while! I was happy with the end result and also got a fab goody bag which I will be testing and reviewing soon.

It was great meeting all the Benefit girls and also Lisa, Danielle and Laura. Hopefully there will be more events up North for us ladies :-)

Have you had the Benefit brow experience? Check the Brow Bar site here.

Disclaimer: This was a complimentary service for the opening of the brow bar however, this in no way affects my judgement. Shell @ Benefit changed my opinion for life though!

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Monday, 2 April 2012

March Favourites

L-R Topshop Cream Blush Head Over Heels, Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, Bioderma Sensibio Cleanser, St Moriz, Clean & Clear Shine Control Moisturiser
This month I’ve had a few new things to test but I thought I’d let you know my favourites of everything I’ve tried! In no particular order I’ll start with cleanser. This will come as no surprise to most people..

The Bioderma cleanser. I’ve been using this a couple of months now and find it just works. It’s great for all over my face, including eyes (which does scare me a lot with other cleansers when they sting!) but this one is gentle and great for removing makeup. I seem to be able to get most of my makeup off with one cotton wipe and job done for the cleansing part. I just wish it was more easy to get hold of in the UK, without the price tag anyway.

Secondly, is the Benefit new liquid foundation. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, this is pretty perfect and I've done a whole review on that already here so check it out!

Ever since I bought the Topshop cream blush in head over heels - cheesy alert, I really was, head over heels. I do love this. I was really drawn towards this colour in the packaging but I've been wearing it every day since I got it and over my Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzing powder on my cheek bones I find they work well together to create some definition that I naturally don't have. 

Clean and clear isn't a brand I'm that familiar with. I've been pretty lucky when it comes to my skin for the last 21 years of my life, but recently it seems I've been prone to a shiny t-zone and occasionally, cheeks. Luckily, whilst browsing shops (as I do quite a lot..) I noticed Clean & Clear Shine Control. I'm always sceptical about these sort of things that claim they can get rid of things, but it really does work. I've been using it both morning and evening, under my makeup in the morning and it's lasting a lot longer than before. The heat we've had the past few weeks doesn't help though, but it's pretty good going!

L-R Percy & Reed Shampoo, Batiste Light & Blonde Dry Shampoo
As always, I favourite Batiste more than any other dry shampoo brand. Having blonde hair, I've never experienced the "dry roots" that people have mentioned when using dry shampoo so all of the range I have works, but I thought I'd try the Batiste for light and blonde hair in a 200ml bottle and love it. I'm not one for the scents usually but this is just right. It seems to have a hint of colour and saves me every other day when I'm in a rush. Another review I've just done is the new Cherry edition which is linked here.

I’ve had many ups and downs with my hair but this month I’ve found a new shampoo that I like. I actually got it free in a magazine and it’s the Percy and Reed range. When I get anything free, I usually tend to just have a quick test and throw it in the bin. The packaging doesn’t shout £14 price tag but as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. My hair was so soft and I can’t quite say shiny (as I have blonde hair) but it definitely felt more healthy.

What's your favourites this month? 

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo*

Lazy people like me need dry shampoo in their lives. I'm lucky that I can try most dry shampoos and don't get the grey/white colour on my roots that a lot of darker haired people have. As I mentioned in my March Favourites, I love the blonde Batiste dry shampoo and will not stop buying this but I was keen to try the new Cherry edition which is so hard to get your hands on.

When I heard it was released I looked in Tesco, Boots, Superdrug, Asda just in case, nope, no luck. I've since looked and it is now available on hoorah!

This is what Batiste say:

Cherry is for anyone that loves their look sweet, smooth and full of luscious retro flavour. Our fun new fragrance delivers a rich cherry scent as it livens up your locks, and looks just as great on your dressing table as in your vintage handbag.

Anyway, the smell is refreshing and sweet and I am a lover of all things cherry plus how cute is the packaging! It looks great next to all my other products in my beauty storage and I love the fact it's in a 200ml can. It's only £2.99 RRP so I will definitely be alternating between this and the Blonde Batiste.

Which is your favourite dry shampoo? Have you tried the Cherry edition?

*Disclosure: Pr Sample*

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