Sunday, 11 March 2012

Topshop Makeup

Went and bought my first Topshop makeup items a few days ago. Ah what a great feeling! I know, I'm behind the times.. I was looking through my local Topshop makeup stand and thought there's no way I can leave without buying a few items (Sorry bank balance!). And that I did. Decided to get a few basic items in the form of the highlighter in "Sunbeam" and blush in "Head Over Heels" and lipstick in "Powder Room"

My first impressions are that they're great, although I wasn't planning on buying makeup at all, I think it was money well spent ;-) I think they're quite well pigmented and the prices are quite relevant to the product.

*Highlighter - Shade Sunbeam*


I was surprised with this highlighter, I expected a creamer consistency but it was quite powdery. It was highly pigmented and with a single stroke you can see what came off onto my finger! I was worried it wasn't going to be a bit too bright, but you have to use sparingly else you'll end up a disco ball! You could use the highlighter as an eyeshadow too if that was your kind of thing..
RRP- £9 here

I love the packaging! So cute.

I was torn between this blush and Neon Rose but in the end after a few swatches mid-shop I went with this. Although, I still want Neon Rose of course! I've never tried a cream-to-powder type blusher and it came up quite a dusty pink colour on my hand but transferred a little different onto my cheeks. It's a light dusty pink/coral colour and will be great for summer, not that I'm one for matching my make-up to the weather!
RRP - £6 here

 *Lipstick - Powder Room*

I loved the look of this so had to buy it. I'm a sucker from all pinky kinds of lipstick but loved the crayon style and thought it'd be good to try. The colour transfers well but I wouldn't wear this on its' own. I have really dry lips at the moment (like the rest of my skin) and it didn't look too pretty on! I put some clear-light pinkish lipgloss over the top.

RRP - £7 here

Hope you've all had a great weekend! I'm counting down for my RAF beauty to come back from his deployment. 4 more weeks! :-) 
Ps you may have noticed I've changed my layout etc hoping it's easier to read. What are your thoughts? Old or new? 

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  1. lovely products! xx

  2. I know! Love your blog btw! x

  3. love the golden highlighter! (:

  4. It is beautiful and shines in the light amazingly! :) x

  5. Just found you through the #northernbloggersunite group, love your blog!! I've been wanting to try Topshop make up for a while, I think I really should get some =D I love the nail varnish but never tried the make up itself =)
    Following you now =D 

  6. Aw thank you :-) #northernbloggersunite ;) just checked our your blog, your header is amazing, wish I had the skills for that haha x

  7. I was abit apprehensive about Topshop's make-up range but I am now a convert!

  8. Me too! I would like to try a few more things first though! I tried H&M make up a while ago, I still like their nail varnishes but Topshop's is way better! x

  9. Good choice on Head Over Heels. I own that one, Neon Rose and Flush. Head Over Heels is definitely my most worn. Flush is also lovely :-)

  10. Looks like a really wonderful highlighter you got there!


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