Monday, 19 March 2012

Mini Haul

Thought I'd share with you a few little bargains I picked up yesterday. I'm a real bargain-hunter and love to scour places for cheap stuff sometimes. On my little trip I stopped in Poundland (as you do!) and normally skip straight past the make-up counter until I noticed today they had some weird "bags" like kids goody bags if you will, with a few combinations of make-up so I searched closer. It was branded stuff, for £1?!
On further look, it was mainly Collection 2000 cosmetics, which I am actually a fan of, the main things in the "goody bags" were nail polish, mascara and lip products. All these I love so I picked up 5 bags and didn't really look what I got until I got home.

I'm a bit unsure as to why these bags are £1 but I wasn't complaining. I know they're discontinued products but still.. Anyway, so this is what I eventually came out with:

 Collection 2000/Collection 
Collagen Curl Mascara
Lasting Colour Lipstick - Shade Berry Blast 10
Crystal Gloss - Sorbet Crystal 8
Love your lips - Delight 2
Hot Looks Nail Polish - Swizzles 41
Lasting Colour Nail Polish - Coral Reef 9
Lasting Colour Nail Polish - Kiss n Tell 22

Lasting Finish Blusher - Summer Fever - RRP in Boots £5.19 Out of stock currently.

Now I know some of you must think hmm ok so you can pick these up anywhere, but if you do want to buy any of these products, have a look around the Poundland stores.

On another note, I headed into Boots too and stopped by the Benefit counter. On my Boots Advantage Card I had an offer to get a 7 day sample of Benefit's Hello Flawless Foundation. I cannot wait to try this out! I got "made over" too while I was there and I was surprised the Benefit make-up artist matched me up to shade "Champagne", so I'll see how that goes..

Finally, I went into Home Bargains and picked up some general stuff, face and nose pore strips along with some Nivea tinted moisturiser, I don't have high hopes for this but will try it. Lastly, I got some St.Moriz.(while I mention it, it really confuses me when people say St.Moritz?!) Anyway, I'm obviously not the darkest of skin colours and I'll give any fake tan a go that says no streaking, patches the usual stuff. I know it's supposed to be good but impulse buy meant I got shade medium, oops!

So there we have it, my random purchases on a Sunday afternoon. Time to go use my pore strips and fake tan!

Edit: Quick question, can anybody link me to any "perfect brows" kind of video/blog post?!

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  1. Poundland is amazing sometimes, they do alot of Rimmel eye shadows in my one so I always have a little look :p x

  2. I know! It was mainly nail varnishes but for £1 you can't complain right?! x

  3. Emily's Teenage Kicks19 March 2012 at 20:14

    Oooh thanks for posting this, I love Collection 2000 especially those lasting colour polishes! Might have to have a little look in poundland tomorrow ;)

  4. thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog! can't believe all those bits were a £1 and thanks for the heads up about the benefit sample i might see if i have that too!! i am also one of the annoying people that say st moritz! why do i do that i just don't know!
    abbi x

  5. Aw no problem, I know other people like bargains too and why not. You may find better stuff ;) x

  6. No problem :) Haha it's fine, most people do! Yes definitely go get one, they do a quick makeover but it was pretty quick. It only lasts for a few more days I think though. Not tried it yet but I'm pretty excited! x

  7. Im really loving you blog. New follower via bloglovin' :) xx

  8. Aww thank you, much appreciated :-) you should check hellocotton out too its easier to follow blogs there! x

  9. I love st moriz tan! I find it to the best I've used in a long while.

  10. It does seem so far so good! Exfoliating is the key :-) x


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