Friday, 30 March 2012

Fake Tanning Heaven

If you read my mini haul about a bit ago, you will have noticed I went for the St Moriz foaming instant tan and ever since I've applied it daily and wow I just love it. I've tried all kinds of fake tans, I thought my favourite was fake bake, turns out it's not and I've found better, way better!

The only thing I can say, like with any fake tan, is moisturise, exfoliate and moisturise lots! I thought the medium would be far too dark for me but when it's fine. I'm now a fake-tan-aholic thanks to St Moriz but I can assure you it is the best fake tan I've tried. I've been using it very very lightly on my face with my St Tropez Mitt that I bought last summer and underneath have my trusty latex gloves to ensure no tango hands!

I can't wait to use this lots more before my holiday to get a head start since my pale skin doesn't tan easily, especially not in a week boo :( Glad I've found a holy grail item that I will end up stocking 10 bottles of!

Do you have any fake tan recommendations or do you prefer the au-naturel look?

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  1. I want to try this fake tan, trouble is it's pretty tricky to get hold of! I use the Superdrug's own one - I don't think it's too bad tbh! x

  2. Ah really?! I see it tons, Bodycare/Grahams, Home Bargains erm Poundland, Missguided have started selling it too online. :-) Not tried Superdrug's but this is pretty amazing x

  3. I'm a massive fan too :)


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