Friday, 2 March 2012

Carmine Beauty Box

After a longgg wait, I finally got my Carmine box today! I must say, it was definitely worth the wait as soon as I opened it. I un-subscribed to Glossybox last month after deciding that I just wasn't excited by it anymore. I then became very fickle and re-subscribed after seeing the Harrods collaboration (wowzas! excited!) That's a different story, anyways, I really do love this box! I will use all of these products at some point.

Frat Boy by theBalm - Full Size
I jumped for joy when I saw this blusher. I was literally about to buy it a few days ago - SO glad I didn't! It's an amazing shade, with great pigmentation. Cannot wait to wear this every day and I'm pretty sure this is going to be my new favourite blusher! Plus isn't the packaging so cute?! Frat Boy from theBalm is quite expensive, although compared to higher end brands, it's in the middle. It's priced at £16.34 (why the 34p I do not know!). I'll keep you updated how long it lasts.

Andrea Fulerton Nail Polish - Full Size
I have heard of Andrea Fulerton nail polishes but have never actually tried them. I was happy with the shade (Julia). The brush was quite big and the consistancy quite thick, but runny which sounds strange but as I was applying it, it seemed to drip everywhere! Maybe I'm just hopeless at applying nail polish, who knows...
With one coat the colour looked great and it dried pretty quickly. I don't think it's something I'd re-purchase alone unless they had some pretty amazing shades but it's still good non-the-less. At £4.99 I was expecting a higher price which isn't a bad thing! Available from Superdrug.

Bad application :(
 Diego Dalla Palma "The Lipstick"
I haven't heard of this brand although it's supposedly a big brand in Italy. I was concerned about the shade but when I applied it, I absolutely loved it. It's a kind of coral but red shade, I know, I'm hopeless at describing things! It seemed to suit my skin tone anyway and is a great mini size for travelling. Upon research, it is available at Tesco for £14. For a lipstick though, it's even more expensive than Mac! Eek.

Daniel Sadler "Eye Delight" - Full Size
I was really excited to try this, I was neither pleased nor disappointed with the shade but was confused once I twisted the lid. I didn't understand if the bit on top of the powder came off (anybody who has this please inform me!?). The shadow is a pretty, shimmery colour and I'd definitely wear it. This will last me a long time so I'm pleased with this.

White Glo Toothpaste
I personally liked this being included but I can see why some people aren't very happy about toothpaste being included. The idea of the beauty box for me, is to try new things and this being one of them even though it's something you can pop by your local Boots and buy. Unfortunately I doubt I'll be able to use this much as I have very sensitive teeth but I'll give it a go!

Yardley London Peony Fragrance - Bonus!
I love the fact this was a bonus rather than one of the 5 items included as I'm very picky with perfume. As is everyone I'm sure..Personally the fragrance isn't for me. I'd describe it as an "older person fragrance". All the same, I'm sure somebody would love this!

Overall, I'm really pleased with this box and it means that I will remain subscribed for next month.. :-) I'm umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to subscribe to the new box "She Said Beauty", but then there's the Harrods Box too with Glossybox, too many choices! Which is your favourite? What would your ideal contents be?

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  1. blush is one of my favorite things and that color looks really pretty! 

  2. It is very pretty! I love it x


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