Tuesday, 20 March 2012

5 Favourite Blogs

Just a quick post today to say my love for 5 of my favourite blogs at the moment.

The first 2 show my love for Spanish (don't worry, they translate into English too!) and they're both Fashion blogs. Effiesmakeupbox is another fave! She's a fellow Northerner like myself (however currently living in Spain) and I want her hair! The last 2 show my love for newer beauty blogs.


Please check out my sponsers too. You may have noticed them in the top bar recently. We're all currently swapping buttons, all the way across from America (except Littletinypieces) They're all very friendly so stop by and say hello. :-)
Lastly, I've found quite a few few Northerners via the #northernbloggersunite so if there's anymore to add, contact @lauren_alice or @Lee31 on Twitter for more info. So there we have it. Hope you've found a new blog you like, if so let me know.


  1. thank you so much!!! made my day :) xxx


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