Sunday, 25 March 2012

10 Favourite Elf products!

So I'm sure most of you have heard of Elf, which is a low end make up brand in the UK and States majoritively, although I know they sell it a lot of other international places too. They're cheap and cheerful, do offers all the time (check their Facebook page) and there's actually quite a few great products I use on a daily basis so I'll cut to the chase.

I have most of my Elf things in its' own separate container..excuse all the mess but you get the idea, I used an old Glossybox (I say I..i'm hopeless so my boyfriend did it for me :) But, it's easy for me to get to and I know where everything is, can you tell I love organisation?!

No1 is the Tone Correcting Concealer which I have in shade Ivory. I know everybody raves about the

Collection 2000 lasting perfection, but personally I love this. It really does do what it says. It's a nice consistency and blends perfectly, especially under my eyes. I have the mini palette? Called Elf Complete Coverage Concealer which I use if I have any blemishes. See here. RRP £3.50.

No 2 is the Elf Mineral Foundation in shade Light. This was my first introduction to mineral foundation and I still don't really "get" it or think it's right for me but I still love the finish it gives. I prefer liquid foundation but if, like me, you want to have an introduction then I'd recommend this. Cheap and cheerful. Buy here. RRP £3.50.

 No3 is the Cream Eyeliner, I love this but hate the little brush it comes with. A normal angled eyeliner brush would do but unfortunately I don't know where mine is at the moment so as you can see from the dust, it's out of action :( It glides on easily and lasts for how long I need it, not usually more than a few hours in the evening but it isn't something I wear during the day. You can buy it here. RRP £3.50.

 No4 is the shimmer palette. This is really good but I only use a few of the colours regualrly. The first one in the left, I use around my eyes to highlight them and use with a brush. Again, the brushes they come with aren't great, but if you're brush-less then maybe it'll help you! You can buy here. RRP £3.50.

Sorry for the dust/mess!

No5 is the Eyelid Primer. I'm not one for face primers but especially if I'm going on a night out I'll use this. It's creamy and glides across easily. I was concerned about the shade (Pearl) but no matter what eyeshadow I use on top of this it doesn't show but lasts longer than without! Buy here. RRP £1.50!

No6 is the Radiance Enhancer pen. This is similar to the YSL Touche Eclat I suppose, without the huge price tag, and in a brightening form..It's great around the eyes, cupids bow or even brow and cheek bones and makes me look far more awake than I actually am! You can buy here. RRP £3.50.

No7 is the Shimmering Facial Whip. I absolutely love this in another shade but unfortunately after owning it for quite a while, it seems to have destroyed itself?! Whilst being stored away for a few months it had changed formula and gone a bit blah so I've got this as a back up, but a bit darker than the other one I had but it's great for the cheeks. You can buy here. RRP £1.50.

 No8 is the All Over Colour Stick. I used this on end for a long time when I first got it but decided now I prefer powder on my cheeks mainly. It's a great shade for pale people like myself, and just has a little bit of shimmer. It isn't something I'd wear daily but it does make your cheeks *pop*. You can buy here. RRP £1.50

No9 is the Blusher Shade Pink Passion. It looks daunting as it's very bright in real life but it's not. The packaging for this reminds me of Nars blushers but I do love it, I've used quite a lot now and the texture just isn't the same anymore unfortunately :( I've found some new blushers that I love but if you're on a budget I'd recommend this, they have a few shades and although it's not the most pigmented blusher I've tried, it's good  for the price! As they say, you get what you pay for! I really want to try some of the other shades actually, maybe the peachy/coral ones.You can buy here. RRP £3.50.

 No10 is the Total Face Brush. When I first got this I absolutely loved it, it's so soft and fluffy and quite a big brush so I mainly used it for my powder, and occasionally my blusher. Recently this has started to shed quite a lot but it's lasted a good 9 months so I'm still impressed. Buy here. RRP £1.50 - Bargain!

So that's it. A good amount of favourite Elf things. Have you ever bought from Elf? If so, what are your favourite items?


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  2. I've been using ELF for a long time, they do some really good stuff!


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