Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Treacle Moon Treats! *

 "I think this must be love...she smiled at her secret, put the letter in an envelope and enclosed a daisy chain from the meadow where she sat"
I love TreacleMoon's quotes on the front of their products! It always cheers me up plus I love to read anything when I'm in the bath/shower.
I received a lovely email from Clare @ TreacleMoon asking if I'd like to try some of their products and being into sweet smells of any sort, I decided I'd love to try out the Raspberry Kiss products. I have a few of their other products but my local Tesco doesn't stock this range, so I jumped at the chance to try them! I hadn't heard of the brand except walking past it in Tesco and loving the look and smell of them, so off they went into my basket..I'm very happy with the range, although more scents wouldn't go a-miss! I was very happy with what was sent and I recommend you all to try some of their range. I'll go through the Raspberry Kiss products I have and tell you my thoughts...

Raspberry Kiss Shower Wash -

Firstly, I just want to say how amazing the scent is. If you like sweet stuff and scents such as Lush Snow Fairy, then I'm pretty sure you'll love this too! The shower wash exceeded my expectations. It didn't look like much different to the bath and shower gel except in a different texture. Once you squeeze the tube it's a mix of a scrub and a body/shower wash. The scrub bits were quite big, which I love because it means you really feel it and it exfoliates the dead skin better in my opinion! It is definitely something I will be re-purchasing for those reasons and the fact it's only £1.99 on the TreacleMoon website!

Raspberry Kiss Bath and Shower Gel -

I've used the other different scents of the TreacleMoon so I knew what to expect with this product. Personally I love using it to create lots of bubbles and smell amazing. Straight out of the packaging this smells very raspberry however, when I put it in the bath and it creates the bubbles I do think it smells a bit like the Lush Snow Fairy but maybe that's just me! It's also a great medium consistancy quite thick, which I prefer as it stays on my skin longer.

Raspberry Kiss Body Butter -

I was looking forward to trying this the most as it is rare I use body butter, mainly due to laziness and I have quite a lot of the Body Shop Body Butters at the moment still yet to use up! The texture is very creamy and a good thing is it wasn't sticky. The scent lasts for ages which I love, obviously not great if you're not a raspberry scent fan! I probably wouldn't buy the body butter again, at least for a while but I do love the Body Shop ones quite a lot although there is a big difference in price!

If you like the look of them , you can buy them all here! Or alternatively they are stocked in Tesco! Have you tried TreacleMoon range, which is your favourite??


  1. I have the raspberry kiss bath and shower gel, I really quite like it! I'd like to try different scents too, they are nice and cheap! x

    1. Exactly! I love bath stuff in general so always love trying new things while I relax! Thanks for visiting :-) x

  2. looks like it smells a beaut !! <3
    im a new follower :)

    1. It definitely does, for the price you should try it! I used it last night in fact and it still smells amazing today so it's a winner to me. :-) Thank you, means a lot! x


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