Monday, 13 February 2012

Technic High Lights!

Today I decided to review something that is very new to me, both the product and the brand really. I know that Technic is quite a lower end brand price range so I was dubious when I heard this was a supposed “dupe” to the Benefit high beam highlighter. Now, I’ve never actually tried a highlighter so can’t even compare it to the Benefit but I imagine that Benefit would be better (supposedly?) I had to read the instructions and do a bit of research how to make it work better to your skin and shadows etc but found it worked better on my high cheek bone for me.

The consistency is creamy, kind of a water based liquid which was easy to blend however a few times I went a bit o.t.t and it went all over my face - oops! I still don’t think it’s something I’d use as I’ve coped without it for 21 years but maybe the Benefit High Beam might change my mind! As for the technic one, for the price £1.99 in Bodycare, it’s perfect for the price however I am unsure on my views at the moment.

Has anybody any ideas how I could give this another shot in a way I haven’t tried, or even another highlighter?


  1. I've not used either but the reviews I have read have said they're pretty much identical. I think the benefit one is way to expensive for what it kind of a pointless product, I sometimes use a light lustered pink shadow if I want the same look as a highlighter! :)

  2. Never used it! But that one is a bargain...isn´t it?

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  3. Great!




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