Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday rant

Yes I am messy - face wipes on show! 
Thought I'd do a bit of a rambley post today about a bit of all sorts..

1. I just thought I'd show you a little outfit of the night from Friday. I can't really do these posts properly yet as I'm awaiting on a tripod to help me out with taking photos so the angle is quite annoying!
My blazer is from Miss Selfridge but is years old. You can't see much of my top but it's from Miss Selfridge also, from Christmas as a gift! My jeans are the most amazing thing ever, although they don't show up on camera very well. They're from Topshop and are a glittery maroon/purple kind of colour and way too tight so breathing in is a must! I accompanied the outfit with black stilettos, although I couldn't get them to show up on my dark carpet and camera!

2. I've had a shopping day and stopped by Boots and got a little bit frustrated..I'm unsure about anyone else with this problem but I'm going through a "rough patch" with my skin. I don't know what's wrong as such but it's overly dry and seems to be spreading. I've had dry skin for a while but it was just my face and wasn't as noticeable, but now it's quite annoying so I went on a spree buying tons of dry skin products, such as e45 cream and sensitive/dry skin day cream. In the past I've used other products such as Clinique 3 step skincare for dry skin but felt it's done absolutely nothing to help. Same to be said for certain foundation and make-up in general. I understand they have to cater for many different types of skincare but I hope someone out there can give me and help and advice for ultra dry skin (scalp included!). In the meantime I'll try my new products and hope I don't have to change my whole skincare and make-up collection! Rant over but if anyone has any tips on this please let me know!

3. Hope you've all had a great weekend. I'm trying to fill my time wisely at the moment as my boyfriend has just gone to Kenya for 6 weeks with the RAF so it gives me a lot of time free for other things (blogging and shopping!) On another note, has anybody any requests for new posts?

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  1. I had some really dry skin about 2 weeks ago that was so red and flaky and just seemed to be spreading across my face. I got given a sample of Dermalogica intensive moisture balance and it cleared it up in just a few days (I used the cream twice a day). It's worth a shot if you're desperate although it's fairly pricey I believe... xxx

  2. Ah thanks a lot. I'll see how these things I've bought go first if not, I'll definitely look into it although I know Dermalogica is quite pricey! xx

  3. I've had skin troubles recently too, i blogged about it yesterday (for me, it's breakouts) and recieved some good advice. I know its a different problem but hope their advice can help you go in the right direction! x

  4. Thanks for the advice! At least we have make-up to fall back on! x


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