Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hair Favourites

So I thought I'd do a post on my hair. Without it we'd all be bald and look totally different so I like to try and keep my mane in tame (lolz). I have a few new products I've been trying out lately and some that aren't so new.
I'll jump straight in as there is quite a few:

Batiste Dry Shampoo - We all know what this is. Some people love it, some people hate it. That's life but personally it has helped me out in many situations. I used to have an awful habit of washing my hair once, sometimes even twice a day! Now that my hair is quite long that's an absolute pain, so this gets me into a routine of washing every 2 or 3 days using this in between! I go through about only 2 of these bottles a month (is that normal?!) but for the price I love it. Also, people complain about the "grey" colour, I can see the problem but with me having lighter hair, it brushes out easily.

Angel Fish Straightening Mist - I'm sure a lot of you are like what is this?! It is a cheap and cheerful (and gorgeous smelling) that I use before straightening or waving to make it smell coconut-ty fresh and protect it! I haven't seen much of it lately so going to have to find another alternative soon!

Charles Worthington Time Defy Body Revive Leave in conditioner - Long name... Anyways, this is great for after shampooing, rinsing everything out and removing excess moisture. It gets quite "foamy" and can be a bit dangerous to use if you use too much, I've found it can make your hair too greasy if you use too much.

Clairol Professional Sleek Down Gloss Cream - Now Clairol isn't a brand that's around much anymore, if at all? But I've had this soo long and it's lasted me all that time. You only need the tiniest amount and it does all my hair (just past my chest length). I use this after I've straightened, or even curled my hair and it gives it a little shine and makes it feel silky smooth.

Avon Naturals Shine Drops - Like the above, I use this after using styling tools and using only on the ends to give added shine and smooth out and fly-aways. This can look a bit scary at first as it has quite a bit of glitter in it, but you can't actually see that in your hair so it's all good!

Moroccan Oil - The incredibly hyped Moroccan oil that I spell wrong every time. Don't get me wrong, I love this stuff but it's so pricy. I've seen a few alternatives lately on the market that I'm keen to try but for now, this is great and makes my hair feel a lot healthier. I hate using products styling etc but with having coloured hair every month, I need something to make it feel not as harsh on my hair.

Schwartzkopf Pro Styling Heat Protectant - As the title suggests, it's a heat protectant and does the job. Need to update my heat protectant once this runs out! These type of products last me forever as I don't use much of them or else my hair gets incredibly greasy :(

What are your favourite hair favourites, any recommendations I should try, especially for coloured hair?


  1. I love the Schwartzkopf Heat Protectant I use mine all the time xx

  2. I love the Moroccan oil too and agree that it's on the pricy side. I really recommend the VO5 oil. xx


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