Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hair care for soft, shiny hair!

I think the picture and title gives it away but I just wanted to express my love for Herbal Essences when it comes to their range and scents. I can't use their products all the time unfortunately as I have a very dry, itchy scalp most of the time. That and having coloured hair means I alternate between several shampoos but I found this treatment in Superdrug and found it pretty amazing. 

It's supposed to be a weekly treatment and is for use all over from root to tip. The directions for use are:
Lavish me from root to tip...Leave me luxuriating for up to 5 minutes, then rinse me away! 
To enjoy your colour vibrant look, let me spark you for at least once a week. 

After I use it I tend to get softer locks than normal, however I cannot comment about the shiny part. Unfortunately, it may just be me, but due to having blonde coloured hair I find that I can never quite get the shiny locks that we all desire. I've searched around, tried several products but I'm still yet to find something! 
It is great as a "treat" and for the price (currently £1.95 in Superdrug). 

So get yourself a bargain and see what miracles it does for your hair!


  1. heard a few good things about this now, will have to give it a go :) Just followed your blog, would be great if you could follow back xx

    1. Yes definitely, it's great! Cheap too so no loss if you don't like it. Thank you x


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