Tuesday, 28 February 2012

GFC No More!

So as of 1st March 2012, there will be no Google Friend Connect which means that most people will be unable to use it or see feeds on their updates. I'm a bit unsure as to who will or will not be able to use this but just in case I wanted to remind you all about the alternatives for keeping up with my blog :-)


It's easier to keep in touch for some things via Twitter and always nice to have a little chin-wag with a few people so say hello - I don't bite!


I'm a bit unloved on my Facebook page at the moment so a little love wouldn't go a-miss but it's easy to keep an eye on up to date posts!


Last but not least, we have Hellocotton. Hellocotton is getting more and more attention now, what with GFC disappearing and it's so simple and easy to use! I love the way it has a newsfeed so I can nosey at my favourite blogs as well as people receive my posts obviously ;-) It's great to categorise all the posts too and a great way to find new ones. I love it and it's so much easier to work than bloglovin, and actually GFC! It's free and simple to sign up, and you don't even need a blog yourself so I'd appreciate some more love on there!

There is other altneratives if you don't like any of the above such as Bloglovin, Subscribe via email etc. These are all linked in my sidebar but these are favourited! Thanks for reading everyone! ♥

Twitter / Pinterest / Facebook


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