Monday, 16 January 2012

Top 5 Perfumes!

Finally got round to doing another blog post! (Slacking already!) But promise from now on i'll try to keep it up a little more regular. So I decided to do my top 5 perfumes. Now these are the ones I wear the most and have collected over a few years to combine into my favs category. In no particular order,

1, Miss Dior Cherie.
I think this may well be my personal fav! I've loved it since my first smell many moons ago and fell in love instantly. It's pretty expensive though that's the only downfall however, I spotted a very very similar smell in the form of Next perfume "Diamonds". It's seriously a close match and at a very small fraction of the price (£6) you can't go wrong. This is my "signature smell" so it's going to be a re-purchase over and over again!
On the boots website it's £49 for a 50ml Eau de Toilette! (the best!) Get the Next one too and it'll last double the time ;-)

2, CK Shock.
This is quite a recent purchase from the back end of last year but has already shot to my top 5! I had a little tester of this (stolen from my mum!) and thought it was different to any other fragrances I own. My boyfriend bought me a huge bottle of it for my birthday and i hate using it up!
On the boots website it's £34 for a 100ml bottle - quite a steal!

3. Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice.
Ahh this smells amazing! I saw this being blogged/YouTubed about a lot so had to get it and was not let down. Not only is the bottle absolutely adorable, it's great for day and night time.
This is quite expensive at £53 for a 50ml bottle on the boots website but oh so worth it!

4. Marc Jacobs Daisy
I got this quite a few years ago and at first wasn't so keen but then loved it ever since. It's a great, fresh, floral scent and seems to last all day which is always a great thing when picking a perfume. I'll definitely re-purchase once i finally use up the bottle. It seems I have way too many perfumes and for everyday work or day to day I'm trying to use up bottles I've had forever!
It's priced at £45 on the boots website for a 50ml bottle.

5. I'm torn between 2 scents for my number 5...Benefit Crescent Row Laugh with Me Lee Lee and Vera Wang Princess.

Now this is technically cheating, but I honestly can't pick. The Vera Wang Princess bottle looks amazing sat on your dressing table but smells very fruity and girlie whereas the Benefit Lee Lee is a strong scented smell that lasts all day! I think for a day to day scent I'd choose the Vera Wang whereas for evenings or a date I may go for the Benefit, who knows, I'll have both!
The Benefit perfume is £29.50 for a 30ml Eau de Toilette at boots also.
Vera Wang Princess is priced at £45 for a 50ml Eau de Toilette on the boots website.

Overall I love them all for different occasions.

Which is your favourite?


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