Sunday, 29 January 2012

N-Spa & Treacle Moon

Just a quick rave today...well if you haven't guessed already, I am a bath kinda girl and any sort of products to go with that = winner! A couple of months ago, I was walking around Asda and wanted some new things to try bath/body wise and spotted the N-Spa section and in the Tesco where they stock Treacle Moon. What drew me was the packaging and quite big bottles, which last forever by the way! I had tried the chocolate waffle bath  syrup at my boyfriends house along with the vanilla creme brulee shower and bath gel and thought they were amazing and smelled delicious so I decided to try a few different thing. I ended up spending quite a fortune on buying the lemon suffle, cranberry chocolate bath syrup, hot butter fudge syrup of the N-Spa range and the vanilla and coconut island bath and shower gel of the Treaclemoon range.

Now I definitely prefer the N-Spa products better as they have more variety of smells but they're both around the same price with offers on at various times in Asda stores. My favourite without a double is the hot butter fudge bath syrup. It's quite a thick, syrup which is quite good for creating masses of bubbles with a butter fudge scent. Mmm! I won't need to buy any sort of shower gels or bubble bath for quite a while but I'm happy with the range I've got to use up. Lovely jubbly!

Have you tried any of the N-Spa or Treaclemoon range? Which is your favourite?


  1. i've tried the vanilla one and really really like it :) i really want to try the cranberry one, now.


    1. Its really nice, smells quite amazing too but used it the least for some reason! For the price you should try it :-)


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