Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Kindle 4!

So...as Christmas has been and gone, i've had a little chance to test out my main present, the Kindle 4!
I must say, it's the most fantastic thing ever at the moment! It's so lightweight and takes up no room at all in my huge handbag! It is the easiest thing to use and i thought seeing as my mum is an avid reader too, i'd get her one for Christmas. If my mum can figure technology out, anybody can!

To turn it on you click the button at the bottom and away you go! Now i love romantic, comedy and easy reading books and so far i've only got through 1 1/2 books since Christmas (busy times!) but i really do love it. The ease of being able to change the font to suit you making it as big, or as small as necessary. I bought myself a little light, wall charger and cover for it on ebay (both reasonably cheap rather than buying the genuine articles)

Books are fairly cheap but extremely easy to download and you can get pretty much everything on there i'm sure! What i love about this edition is the "experimental" section whereby you can use an experimental web browser to check twitter, bbc news, facebook etc. The only downside being the kindle isn't in colour so it's hopeless at trying to look at pictures! Still, i think it's a great feature and hopefully one day there will be a colour version which i would definitely purchase.


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