Monday, 23 January 2012

January Favourites

I've got some absolutely random favourites this month so I'll start firstly with beauty!

I've been loving the "Sleek palette" which is an absolute steal at £6.49! I got the palette in Au Naturel 601. It's currently out of stock online at the moment but they're always re-stocking online and in Superdrug etc. The colours are well pigmented I personally think especially for the price! It's great for me because I'm so pale and most shades never work well that's why I wouldn't go as far to invest in the "Naked" palette at the moment!

Another love this month is the Elf Studio blusher in shade Pink Passion. Again, this isn't too much but can look scary for some people as it's quite bright but using the Elf total face brush it blends like a charm!

Next up is the Elf cream eyeliner. Now I haven't got round to actually purchasing a decent slanted brush for this yet! (naughty Paula!). It comes with a brush however it's that small that I lose it constantly! The boyfriend made me a little container for my elf items using our GlossyBox boxes! (Excuse the dodgy photo!)
For hair there is only one contender really! It's the much loved Moroccan Oil! The boyfriends mum bought me some for Christmas and i've absolutely LOVED it ever since! The only thing I don't like so much is the feel of the oil as I'm rubbing it in my fingers but I can get over that...just about. It's honestly made the ends of my hair feel so much better even though it's not been cut in over 8 weeks. Drying and styling is also much easier and even with the expensive price tag - approx £30, I will have to re-purchase.

I've been into my baths more than normal this month, think it's definitely the cold :-( for this reason I've used plenty of the leftover Lush Christmas limited range bathbombs, Snow Fairy wand etc which we all know about of the beginning of January I think it was, The Body Shop started doing quite a few offers that I immediately snatched up. I got a few of the body scrubs/creams etc and out of this I found some favourites! 
The Almond Body Butter smells amazing and glides on, I'm pretty sure there's more to find and fall in love with from the Body Shop though! Next is the Brazil Nut body scrub which also smells divine and the exfoliating bits are great before self-tanning (no streaks yay!)

Next up, is quite a random-ish purchase. I wasn't necessarily in need of a new make up bag but I saw "Clippy Kit" online and knew I needed it in my life! Basically it's a photo make up bag so you can slide in your favourite photos, there's 4 in total and it just brightens up my morning anyway looking at my favourite pictures in my make up bag! It was on sale for the pink version but i can't seem to find it. The website to create your own online is here:

Now it's been warmer than normal, but it’s still pretty cold up north ;-) so for that reason, I thought I’d invest in some decent hand cream as all parts of my skin crack (worst being my lips but we’ll get on to that later!).
I was mooching around and found Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail conditioning cream. Now I didn’t think much of it for a few days but then I noticed a little change in my hands in the form of my finger nails. This has never been an issue for me before, but my nails started to grow at a rapid rate, i.e I’d put nail polish on the night before then notice quite a big gap at the top of my nails where it had grown overnight! Amazing, however I’m not a major fan of really long nails so get the urge to bite (naughty me!)
This can be a good thing for people purposely wanting to grow their nails though! As for the main purpose of the cream, it has made them smoother and I’ve not noticed any cracks so it’s been a bit of a saviour this month.

1, Burts Bees – The normal medicated one is always a winner, even underneath other lip balms but also alone. The pomegranate one smells delish too. I recently got bought (thanks Ollie) the Burts Bees tinted lip balm in shade Pink Blossom so I may even do a separate blog post on that – it’s that amazing!
2, Lypsyl Watermelon – This smells absolutely amazing and is soft on my lips so is a big winner.
3, I love...cosmetics – The strawberries and milkshake glossy lip balm is quite nice to have on the top as well as it’s shiny and moisturising too.
4, The coca cola, sprite etc lip balms you find in primark! They’re actually quite good – for £1! Of course, smell amazing and do the job.

What’s your favourite lip balm?


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