Wednesday, 4 January 2012


As another avid fan of receiving things in the post, and getting food through the post, I stumbled upon another service you can sign up to online whereby the food is “healthy” and the slogan on their website is “nature delivered”. The packaging jumped to my attention when it came through the post and everything looks so nice and compact. The only downfall I thought is that the boxes are quite small for the price but I guess that’s how they make money and considering delivery is free, you can’t have everything!

When you start to sign up it will ask questions such as when you would like your box, where to etc and the boxes are £3.49 each. The next step is to say which foods you’d like to try, don’t like, like etc and also a little tick box to say the ones you’d like sending soon!

Then the box should arrive on your doorstep on the day you've picked for it to come. Inside the box is a personalised little information booklet showing you what is inside your box and all the key nutritional information. Each individual item also has a "use by date" along with the weight and ingredients! I also got 4 voucher codes for other friends to get a free box too! The leaflet says they're great for beating those 3pm temptations like crisps and biscuits and they are so right! I got this in the morning and by 3pm I was hunting around for my graze box! On the back it also says both the box and the booklets are made from sustainable sources and biodegradable and recyclable for anybody interested! 

Now this was my first box and I got this free as can you with the following code: 42F1VWH! I was so pleased with what I got! 4 little nifty boxes full of yummy goodies! They tasted amazing too and once you’ve tried each one you can put a review on the site (a link goes directly to your inbox too!) and then say if you’d like it again.

Everybody has commented when they've seen my box lying around house what a great idea it is! Let's hope it catches on...


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