Monday, 30 January 2012

Valentines Glossybox!

Mr postman delivered my (long awaited) Glossybox this morning finally! Was a quicker delivery than expected too. (yay!) I had been quite naughty and read a few spoiler alerts so had an idea of the things that were in it but was kind of disappointed with this month's box. I didn't quite see what any of these things had to do with the Valentines special box other than the packaging?

So let's cut to the chase, this is what I got:

1, Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Plum - I've heard a bit about Eyeko so was quite excited to see this in it, as previously mentioned, I had seen a spoiler and was hoping for the pink shade hoping it was a little like the Benefit Eye Bright but we'll see how it goes! I'm a bit unsure about such a big, skinny bit at the end of the pencil but hey ho.

2, Orly Nail Lacquer in Ruby - Orly is another brand I've heard a lot about, but haven't yet tried any of their products. I'm interested to see the consistency and staying power but I must say, I'm not a lover of the shade, it doesn't seem to suit my skin colour normally. :(

3, Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner - I wasn't overly thrilled by this product. I've got quite sensitive/dry skin so I am wary trying new things when it comes to cleaning and toning but I'll see how it goes anyway.

4, Fab Gentle Body Wash - I've heard of this and the packaging is cute and handy for travel sizes etc but I've got soo many body washes collecting dust I need to use them haha. It claims to calm redness and relieve dry skin though and is good for sensitive skin so I'll keep an open mind.

5, Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer (Dewy Finish) - I've seen the brand previously in my boyfriends Glossybox when he had a face clarifying mask and loved it so I have high hopes! I'm one that skips using face primer mainly due to laziness but it's great timing as I was on the hunt for a good primer that could transform my skincare routine! It's only a small sample but if I love it then I can use my 33% discount from Glossybox to buy the full size! Bargain! ;-)

Have you received your box? Let me know your thoughts.
Check out to sign up if you haven't already!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

N-Spa & Treacle Moon

Just a quick rave today...well if you haven't guessed already, I am a bath kinda girl and any sort of products to go with that = winner! A couple of months ago, I was walking around Asda and wanted some new things to try bath/body wise and spotted the N-Spa section and in the Tesco where they stock Treacle Moon. What drew me was the packaging and quite big bottles, which last forever by the way! I had tried the chocolate waffle bath  syrup at my boyfriends house along with the vanilla creme brulee shower and bath gel and thought they were amazing and smelled delicious so I decided to try a few different thing. I ended up spending quite a fortune on buying the lemon suffle, cranberry chocolate bath syrup, hot butter fudge syrup of the N-Spa range and the vanilla and coconut island bath and shower gel of the Treaclemoon range.

Now I definitely prefer the N-Spa products better as they have more variety of smells but they're both around the same price with offers on at various times in Asda stores. My favourite without a double is the hot butter fudge bath syrup. It's quite a thick, syrup which is quite good for creating masses of bubbles with a butter fudge scent. Mmm! I won't need to buy any sort of shower gels or bubble bath for quite a while but I'm happy with the range I've got to use up. Lovely jubbly!

Have you tried any of the N-Spa or Treaclemoon range? Which is your favourite?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Rain, rain, go away!

I thought I'd do a blog post on this just because I love it so much! First of all, the packaging is amazing! You slide off the top and it's a little pouch with the lip-balm inside. The lip balm itself is great, moisturising with a pink blossom tint in my case. I love it, it's a little more expensive than the normal burt's bees burt worth it in my opinion! They're around £5 online that i've seen! 

Have you tried them? 

Monday, 23 January 2012

January Favourites

I've got some absolutely random favourites this month so I'll start firstly with beauty!

I've been loving the "Sleek palette" which is an absolute steal at £6.49! I got the palette in Au Naturel 601. It's currently out of stock online at the moment but they're always re-stocking online and in Superdrug etc. The colours are well pigmented I personally think especially for the price! It's great for me because I'm so pale and most shades never work well that's why I wouldn't go as far to invest in the "Naked" palette at the moment!

Another love this month is the Elf Studio blusher in shade Pink Passion. Again, this isn't too much but can look scary for some people as it's quite bright but using the Elf total face brush it blends like a charm!

Next up is the Elf cream eyeliner. Now I haven't got round to actually purchasing a decent slanted brush for this yet! (naughty Paula!). It comes with a brush however it's that small that I lose it constantly! The boyfriend made me a little container for my elf items using our GlossyBox boxes! (Excuse the dodgy photo!)
For hair there is only one contender really! It's the much loved Moroccan Oil! The boyfriends mum bought me some for Christmas and i've absolutely LOVED it ever since! The only thing I don't like so much is the feel of the oil as I'm rubbing it in my fingers but I can get over that...just about. It's honestly made the ends of my hair feel so much better even though it's not been cut in over 8 weeks. Drying and styling is also much easier and even with the expensive price tag - approx £30, I will have to re-purchase.

I've been into my baths more than normal this month, think it's definitely the cold :-( for this reason I've used plenty of the leftover Lush Christmas limited range bathbombs, Snow Fairy wand etc which we all know about of the beginning of January I think it was, The Body Shop started doing quite a few offers that I immediately snatched up. I got a few of the body scrubs/creams etc and out of this I found some favourites! 
The Almond Body Butter smells amazing and glides on, I'm pretty sure there's more to find and fall in love with from the Body Shop though! Next is the Brazil Nut body scrub which also smells divine and the exfoliating bits are great before self-tanning (no streaks yay!)

Next up, is quite a random-ish purchase. I wasn't necessarily in need of a new make up bag but I saw "Clippy Kit" online and knew I needed it in my life! Basically it's a photo make up bag so you can slide in your favourite photos, there's 4 in total and it just brightens up my morning anyway looking at my favourite pictures in my make up bag! It was on sale for the pink version but i can't seem to find it. The website to create your own online is here:

Now it's been warmer than normal, but it’s still pretty cold up north ;-) so for that reason, I thought I’d invest in some decent hand cream as all parts of my skin crack (worst being my lips but we’ll get on to that later!).
I was mooching around and found Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail conditioning cream. Now I didn’t think much of it for a few days but then I noticed a little change in my hands in the form of my finger nails. This has never been an issue for me before, but my nails started to grow at a rapid rate, i.e I’d put nail polish on the night before then notice quite a big gap at the top of my nails where it had grown overnight! Amazing, however I’m not a major fan of really long nails so get the urge to bite (naughty me!)
This can be a good thing for people purposely wanting to grow their nails though! As for the main purpose of the cream, it has made them smoother and I’ve not noticed any cracks so it’s been a bit of a saviour this month.

1, Burts Bees – The normal medicated one is always a winner, even underneath other lip balms but also alone. The pomegranate one smells delish too. I recently got bought (thanks Ollie) the Burts Bees tinted lip balm in shade Pink Blossom so I may even do a separate blog post on that – it’s that amazing!
2, Lypsyl Watermelon – This smells absolutely amazing and is soft on my lips so is a big winner.
3, I love...cosmetics – The strawberries and milkshake glossy lip balm is quite nice to have on the top as well as it’s shiny and moisturising too.
4, The coca cola, sprite etc lip balms you find in primark! They’re actually quite good – for £1! Of course, smell amazing and do the job.

What’s your favourite lip balm?

Monday, 16 January 2012

Top 5 Perfumes!

Finally got round to doing another blog post! (Slacking already!) But promise from now on i'll try to keep it up a little more regular. So I decided to do my top 5 perfumes. Now these are the ones I wear the most and have collected over a few years to combine into my favs category. In no particular order,

1, Miss Dior Cherie.
I think this may well be my personal fav! I've loved it since my first smell many moons ago and fell in love instantly. It's pretty expensive though that's the only downfall however, I spotted a very very similar smell in the form of Next perfume "Diamonds". It's seriously a close match and at a very small fraction of the price (£6) you can't go wrong. This is my "signature smell" so it's going to be a re-purchase over and over again!
On the boots website it's £49 for a 50ml Eau de Toilette! (the best!) Get the Next one too and it'll last double the time ;-)

2, CK Shock.
This is quite a recent purchase from the back end of last year but has already shot to my top 5! I had a little tester of this (stolen from my mum!) and thought it was different to any other fragrances I own. My boyfriend bought me a huge bottle of it for my birthday and i hate using it up!
On the boots website it's £34 for a 100ml bottle - quite a steal!

3. Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice.
Ahh this smells amazing! I saw this being blogged/YouTubed about a lot so had to get it and was not let down. Not only is the bottle absolutely adorable, it's great for day and night time.
This is quite expensive at £53 for a 50ml bottle on the boots website but oh so worth it!

4. Marc Jacobs Daisy
I got this quite a few years ago and at first wasn't so keen but then loved it ever since. It's a great, fresh, floral scent and seems to last all day which is always a great thing when picking a perfume. I'll definitely re-purchase once i finally use up the bottle. It seems I have way too many perfumes and for everyday work or day to day I'm trying to use up bottles I've had forever!
It's priced at £45 on the boots website for a 50ml bottle.

5. I'm torn between 2 scents for my number 5...Benefit Crescent Row Laugh with Me Lee Lee and Vera Wang Princess.

Now this is technically cheating, but I honestly can't pick. The Vera Wang Princess bottle looks amazing sat on your dressing table but smells very fruity and girlie whereas the Benefit Lee Lee is a strong scented smell that lasts all day! I think for a day to day scent I'd choose the Vera Wang whereas for evenings or a date I may go for the Benefit, who knows, I'll have both!
The Benefit perfume is £29.50 for a 30ml Eau de Toilette at boots also.
Vera Wang Princess is priced at £45 for a 50ml Eau de Toilette on the boots website.

Overall I love them all for different occasions.

Which is your favourite?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

MirrorBook Air

Hey hey! 

So, I stumbled across the greatest thing I think ever made the other day and decided I needed it in my life....a MirrorBook Air well, mirror! It's the cutest thing and so small to fit in your handbag. I found it on ebay (search macbook air mirror or mirrorbook air or similar) and it arrived very quickly yesterday! I opened it and got very excited, it looks JUST like a MacBook Air. Cute. Anyways, just thought i'd share that with you all ;-) worth the £6.00 something pricetag!

Ps. Excuse the dodgy photo on the right it was too dark without the flash!


Wednesday, 4 January 2012


As another avid fan of receiving things in the post, and getting food through the post, I stumbled upon another service you can sign up to online whereby the food is “healthy” and the slogan on their website is “nature delivered”. The packaging jumped to my attention when it came through the post and everything looks so nice and compact. The only downfall I thought is that the boxes are quite small for the price but I guess that’s how they make money and considering delivery is free, you can’t have everything!

When you start to sign up it will ask questions such as when you would like your box, where to etc and the boxes are £3.49 each. The next step is to say which foods you’d like to try, don’t like, like etc and also a little tick box to say the ones you’d like sending soon!

Then the box should arrive on your doorstep on the day you've picked for it to come. Inside the box is a personalised little information booklet showing you what is inside your box and all the key nutritional information. Each individual item also has a "use by date" along with the weight and ingredients! I also got 4 voucher codes for other friends to get a free box too! The leaflet says they're great for beating those 3pm temptations like crisps and biscuits and they are so right! I got this in the morning and by 3pm I was hunting around for my graze box! On the back it also says both the box and the booklets are made from sustainable sources and biodegradable and recyclable for anybody interested! 

Now this was my first box and I got this free as can you with the following code: 42F1VWH! I was so pleased with what I got! 4 little nifty boxes full of yummy goodies! They tasted amazing too and once you’ve tried each one you can put a review on the site (a link goes directly to your inbox too!) and then say if you’d like it again.

Everybody has commented when they've seen my box lying around house what a great idea it is! Let's hope it catches on...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Kindle 4! Christmas has been and gone, i've had a little chance to test out my main present, the Kindle 4!
I must say, it's the most fantastic thing ever at the moment! It's so lightweight and takes up no room at all in my huge handbag! It is the easiest thing to use and i thought seeing as my mum is an avid reader too, i'd get her one for Christmas. If my mum can figure technology out, anybody can!

To turn it on you click the button at the bottom and away you go! Now i love romantic, comedy and easy reading books and so far i've only got through 1 1/2 books since Christmas (busy times!) but i really do love it. The ease of being able to change the font to suit you making it as big, or as small as necessary. I bought myself a little light, wall charger and cover for it on ebay (both reasonably cheap rather than buying the genuine articles)

Books are fairly cheap but extremely easy to download and you can get pretty much everything on there i'm sure! What i love about this edition is the "experimental" section whereby you can use an experimental web browser to check twitter, bbc news, facebook etc. The only downside being the kindle isn't in colour so it's hopeless at trying to look at pictures! Still, i think it's a great feature and hopefully one day there will be a colour version which i would definitely purchase.