Friday, 28 December 2012

Mac Girl About Town Review

MAC Girl about town review

MAC Girl about town review

MAC Girl about town review

MAC Girl about town review

MAC Girl about town swatch

Welcome to my amazing new (ish) MAC lipstick of choice. I only have a couple of MAC lipsticks but I wanted each and every purchase to be well researched, swatched and tried on a few times. This wasn't quite that, but it's the idea that counts. I did research it though and saw it on several blogs and websites, I narrowed my purchase down to Girl About Town or Impassioned which I do believe is very similar. I went with this in the end when I saw a Debenhams 10% sale. It worked out at £12.60 which is still pretty expensive, but it felt better to get discount and justifiable since I needed a new lipstick for Christmas, obviously..

With that in mind, I am impressed with it and it's served me well on special occasions. It lasts a good couple of hours after eating and drinking but didn't last as long as I'd hoped, about 3 hours on average on my lips. After trying the Revlon lip stains that last hours and hours, I was spoilt and got used to them staining my mugs but still going strong. The colour pay off is amazing. As you can kind of see, it's a bright fuschia pink with blue undertones. It has an amplified-creme finish which doesn't dry out my lips.

As with all MAC lipsticks, I love the vanilla-fake scent. I won't be building up a huge collection of MAC products as some things aren't quite worth the price tag, but for now I'm happy with my collection. This is very long-lasting and I'll be swatching more products to spend my Christmas money on when the manic Christmas sales shopping has calmed down somewhat.

What was your favourite Christmas gift if you celebrate it? Do you have any Christmas traditions?

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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Current Winter Skincare Favourites

Hey everyone, hope you all had an amazing Christmas/holidays. :) I am unfortunately back at work today for a few hours followed by another break but I thought I'd tell you about my current skincare favourites I've been using as of late. I've blogged about a few of them individually so I will link the review next to the name if so.

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer (review here) - I love this! I've nearly finished this after using it daily for a solid 3 months and will be re-purchasing immediately. It's a step quicker in the mornings, it moisturises just as well as a separate routine, as well as primes my skin for makeup. I cannot fault this at all. Well worth £4.99!

Origins GinZing (review here) - I've reviewed this as part of a set that I bought, loved and wish I could still get hold of! I love all the items in this set and Origins is fast becoming one of my favourite skincare brands. It wakes me up as well as tricks everyone else into thinking I'm wide awake when I've had little sleep. I've nearly finished this boo, it's pretty expensive let's face it at £21 but I do love it.

Etat Pur Apigenin A08 (review here) - Etat Pur is a brand I loved and had a phase of using lots of then keep forgetting about it but this product stays in my toiletry bag. Lately it's hard to tell if it works due to my GinZing making me look more awake, but prior to using this it did make my dark circles reduce. Who knows if it really works, but I feel better for using it at least.

Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Day Cream Dry/Sensitive Skin - I use this as an evening cream as opposed to a day cream, just because I feel it's still a little thick for my morning routine. The normal/combination skin version is nourishing enough for me to use in the morning when I don't use my Nivea Daily Essentials Primer. I love the smell of it, it's so fresh and my Boyfriend always comments how lovely it smells whenever I use it.

Origins Modern Friction (review here) - This is a recent addition to my skincare routine. I used this a few times, liked it then thought it didn't make much of a difference to my skin so stopped. My skin feels really smooth after using it and it's not too harsh that it makes my skin red like some other Microdermabrasion products. I'm not sure I'll re-purchase this but it's lasted me a good while.

Origins VitaZing (review here) - I lovee this product!! I don't think words can describe it actually. When you're as pale as me, purely using this can make you look more alive, healthy and glowing, trust me! I use this daily, my only gripe about it if I'm being really picky is that sometimes around my hairline the product can gather and look like I'm either a, dirty or b, haven't rubbed the cream in properly. This is another expensive product, but the product shown above is a trial size and this is nearly empty but I've had this a good few months since I posted the review and I've not even got onto the full size bottle yet. This will last me a good while longer and I rarely wear foundation over it these days.

What's your favourite skincare products? Do you find your skin type shift in the Winter months?

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Hey everyone. Hope you're all having a great Christmas! I'm writing to you from my new iPad courtesy of my lovely boyfriend!! I'm in love with it and feel so lucky! This means blogging from my iPad obviously, hoorah. I'm not one to brag or show off my presents but I am awfully happy. I've not even been home yet to open my parents presents!

Have a great holidays :-) what are your Christmas traditions?? Oh and of course if you can recommend any iPad apps then feel free!!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 115 Ivory Review

Sorry about the orangey hue, it seems my camera thought the foundation was orange too!
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 115 Ivory || Blended left, unblended right
Hey everyone, it's not often I do foundation reviews because I don't like to mix them up that often but when I do review them, it's for a good reason. When I heard Maybelline had launched a new foundation, I was a bit "meh" about it. This is Maybelline's first gel foundation without waxes or fillers (not entirely sure what this means but I'm still sceptical). Most high street foundations don't have a shade light enough for me so I tend to have to delve more into the higher end priced brands. The only semi high street brand in my eyes that do a shade light enough for me is No7 and I cannot fault it. I saw listed somewhere that Maybelline were sending free tester samples so I thought I'd try it first before I made the purchase.

Maybelline decided to confuse us all with their shade matching choices when it came to finding one that kind of matched me.

Of course my first step was choosing the fair category.

My skin seems to have a tad more pink, so I went for that.

If you want to check out their full chart, visit
I knew I'd be the lightest shade and it does look pretty light there, but in reality it just didn't suit my skin tone. After I'd done this little test I thought I'd have a browse to see the price etc and if it may be worth buying.

As you can see once blended, compared to my skin tone it's pretty oompa loompa-ish. The foundation itself when I did apply it to my face wasn't anything special. It blended ok, didn't really highlight any dry patches but there was something big it was lacking, although I can't put my finger on it. I'm glad I got the chance to test this though as it's not something I will be purchasing.

The good thing about the foundation is it's quite light, didn't break me out at all and the coverage is quite buildable if required (unless like me, it makes you look even more like an oompa loompa). The odd days I've left the foundation on for longer, it's probably lasted around 6 hours on my dry/normal skin. I've seen that they also do a powder and concealer which I may well try out at some point.

This will be my last post before Christmas now so I hope you all have a great Christmas! (or holiday season if you don't celebrate it) :) I will be spending it split between my family and my Boyfriend's and cannot wait now! I'm more excited than normal for some reason but mainly because of the time off work and the food, drink and family festivities.

Have you tried Maybelline Fit Me products?

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Friday, 21 December 2012

If money was no object...

Achica Wishlist
I wanted to share with you a new obsession of mine. It comes in the form of a website called Achica. I found out about them quite a while ago but obviously didn't really know where to look on their website because I didn't see much I liked and off I clicked. I've seen a few posts lately about their up and coming collections and thought I'd check out any Christmas specials they may be doing.

If you haven't heard of Achica, they are a members only luxury lifestyle store, offering desirable brands at great prices. They run daily shopping promotions and some last up to 72 hours, once this finishes you have to make sure that if you've seen something up and coming that you like the look of, you have to be there early to get the best deals as they go quick. Once they're gone, they're gone. Their promotions start at 6:30am so if there's something good, it's more than likely going to be gone within a few hours. I've seen blogger brand favourites on there like Neom and Rituals, of course always sold out when I go to purchase! :(

My wishlist above is some of the current favourites on today that are nearly all sold out, but these are things I would love to buy. I'm going to be keeping more of an eager eye on their 6:30am promotions in the hope of finding a real bargain! Obviously I wouldn't wake up especially for it, but if I was up early enough then I'll remember to have a quick scout before I leave the house.

Can you tell I have a thing for candles by the way? As for no 6, this was £35 but looks soo comfy! Wouldn't you just love an electric blanket-esque foot warmer, amazing. I've also lusted after the 3 wick Neom candles for quite some time but just can't justify spending £37.50 on a candle...

Have you shopped at Achica before? What do you think about these type of websites?

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Pink Crystals 21 Review

Revlon Lipgloss Pink Crystals 21 Review

Revlon Lipgloss Pink Crystals 21 Review

Revlon Lipgloss Pink Crystals 21 Review
Revlon Lipgloss Super Lustrous Pink Crystals 21 - £7.99
Hey everyone. Hands up who's looking forward to Christmas? I officially finish for Christmas tomorrow, yipee!! I'm more excited for the time off, but of course the actual festivities itself.

I wanted to review a new lipgloss today. If any of you are long time readers, you may know that in recent times I haven't been the biggest fan of lipgloss due to bad, sticky experiences. I bought the Revlon lipgloss in Pink Crystals 21 on a 3 for 2 offer a couple of months on a whim. I hadn't seen any reviews on any of their lipglosses so since it was technically free, I took a gamble. I love the packaging, it's fairly small in size in comparison to their other quilted lipglosses but it's handy to put into your handbag without cluttering the rest of your bag.

The name suggests it's pink toned, but I'd actually say it's leaning more on the coral side although the photos show it a tad different than it is in real life. They are up there with the best I've tried but I still want to try one of the YSL glosses! For £7.99 you could argue it should be better quality for the price, but it was a gamble. They don't last an awful long time but a few touch ups here and there won't harm you. I'm not sure I like the shade. I've worn this alone and with other shades but I think I prefer it over a matte, nude lipstick.

Best thing about this lipgloss is the fact it's not sticky and doesn't feel too heavy on the lips. I do want to try one of the hot pink lipglosses from this range and if you have any other recommendations then I'd love to know so please comment below and tell me :)

Bit of a mixed review but sometimes, that's how it goes! What's your favourite lip product?

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