Thursday, 26 May 2016

Hipp Organic New Porridge Range

Hipp Organic New Porridge Range

One of the many stresses about weaning; in particular on the go products, is frantically dissecting each ingredient on packaging to check the allergy information. It can be really frustrating when a product isn't overly clear, although most products are in bold and clearly show 'may contain x' when an ingredient may be present. In case you're new to the blog, my 8 month old daughter, Grace, has a dairy allergy. As a result, we are dairy free weaning and eliminated it from her diet at around 8 weeks old.

The main meal that I struggle to maximise variety with is breakfast. Grace usually has porridge for breakfast every day with finger foods like fruit added in between. When Hipp Organic contacted me to inform me of their new porridge pouches for on the go I was delighted! One thing you'll know if you have a baby is that it's a huge struggle to go anywhere with your baby and I love to get out every day for both me and Grace.

I am guilty of relying heavily on pouches and jars to get us through the day when I don't always have the time to batch cook meals. There are so many options for lunch and dinner time for when we're out for the day, but breakfast and dairy free weaning doesn't seem to go too well.

Hipp Organic New Porridge Range

Hipp sent us their new porridge pouches range which are suitable for 6 months+ and they come in three tasty flavours, Fruity Porridge, Apple & Peach Porridge and Pear, Apple & Apricot Porridge. The pouches hit the shelves on 1st June in Tesco and 13th June in Waitrose if you'd like to try them out for yourself!

Hipp are also launching two new cereals for 15 months+ babies; Fruity O's and Fruity Muesli with crispy ducks. These products contain no added sugars (only naturally occurring ones) and are packed full of fruit and multigrain. To ensure the best taste for babies, HiPP select special varieties of fruits & vegetables which are naturally low in acid content & high in nutrients. To ensure optimum flavour they are given time to ripen naturally and harvested at their plumpest & sweetest. These products may contain milk, so it's worth noting if your child also has an allergy/intolerance. 

Grace loves her fruity porridge! Her favourite is Apple & Peach! 
Now that Grace is onto the second and third stage of weaning, we are adding as many finger foods and lumps into her diet as possible. She would happily have the smooth puree form, but still takes to lumps very well. She's far from fussy at this stage and I'm desperately hoping this will continue, although I can tell she much prefers sweet tasting things. I have been also mixing the pouches with her regular porridge and she loves that too.

Once again, I am lucky enough to give one of you the chance to win a Hipp Organic hamper, full of goodies including a selection of their new products! All you have to do is enter the giveaway using the Gleam widget below. I will be moderating all entries and voiding those that enter incorrectly!

Hipp Organic Hamper Giveaway

Please make sure to comment/tweet including my links so I can see your entries and good luck everyone!

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Baby Girl Clothing Haul

John Lewis Baby Bird Print Mac
John Lewis Baby Bird Print Mac - Currently £12 in the sale here!
The style that I always had in mind has definitely evolved since Grace was born and some things I bought I found didn't suit her as much as I envisioned whilst pregnant. That sounds terrible, but she suits some colours more than others due to her complexion! My friends are terrible enablers (let's blame them) and as soon as I hear about a sale, I'm there.

Grace is 8 months next week and she's growing day by day and so is her wardrobe as a result. I'm now on the hunt for Summer 9-12 month clothing and Winter 12-18 month clothing. I'm incredibly lucky that my Mother-in-law has a fantastic eye for clothing and knows my tastes remarkably. She's also a dab hand at making clothing for Grace too, so I've got plenty of her lovely bespoke items!

Mamas & Papas Rain Jacket
Mamas & Papas Rain Jacket - £24 here. (it is in the boys section but I'm confident girls can pull this off too!)

The yellow coat was a gift from grandma after she saw it in Mamas and Papas, it's gorgeous and not something I normally pick up but I'm glad she has as it's lovely and amazing quality. You may already spy the elephant dress if you follow my instagram, Grace already has another of this in a smaller size that she's outgrown so her grandma made another one for her. It's a beautiful print and she really suits grey.

Boots Mini Club Girls Haul
Top L-R: Tunic Elephant £6 here, Pink Giraffe Tunic £6 here
Bottom L-R: Pineapple Tunic £6 here, Seagulls Tunic £6 here (currently 2 for £8 on the Boots website!)
These 4 gorgeous dresses were all from Boots, they have some amazing deals at times and I saw these and just couldn't resist ordering them into my local store. At 2 for £8 they're a steal! I got them in 12-18 and 18-24 months as I have more than enough dresses for the next couple of clothes sizes, and at the rate Grace grows I cannot be sure what size she'll be in from month to month!

So that's my latest haul, I also have a few Gap items that I got in the sale a couple of weeks ago that I hope to post about soon.

Is it just me that can't stop baby shopping? Let me know your favourite baby clothing shops in the comments/tweet me, I'm always on the hunt for new excuses to visit different shops!

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Stage 2 Weaning Update - Lumps

A lot has changed since my last update, which wasn't an awful long time ago! Weaning seems to be quickly progressing, as Grace takes everything in her stride. She's had a really wide variety of foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and even her first dairy free Easter egg! I'm yet to find something that she won't eat, or refuse, which is really positive!

We are now on stage 2 so more and more lumps have been introduced. At first, she was very confused as she was used to smooth purees for a couple of months, then around 6 months we moved on to stage 2 weaning, since she'd already been weaned for around a month and a half and after discussions with our Health Visitor, we decided it was a good time to introduce lumps.

Hipp Organic Fruit & Pieces

Normally babies are introduced to lumps around 7 months, it helps babies to get used to lumps and learn those important chewing skills for later! It's also important to note that at this age, the more variety that is included in their diets the better. Hipp have included a whole guide on lumps to clarify when to start, and how. Read more about that here. Since we use a lot of Hipp Organic jars in our daily routine, it's brilliant that they have around 40 different recipes for stage 2 weaning. It makes life so much easier when mum life is just too hectic.

Stage 2 Weaning Update - Lumps
Second taste of watermelon, despite the hilarious faces that she pulled, she still managed to devour 2 slices! (also ignore the mess)
Hipp have 160g and 190g jars. as well as 130g savoury pouches and fruit pots. Grace's favourite for sure are the fruit pots with larger pieces of fruit to chew and swallow with ease. They have tiny little pieces to encourage chewing, along with larger portion sizes to keep up with the demand of their tiny tummies.

Just in case you are anxious about the introduction of lumps, St Johns Ambulance have provided Hipp with choking advice, that will hopefully help your confidence. My advice would be to keep as calm as possible throughout the whole process and if possible, have somebody with you while you start for a few meals. Babies can sense when you're anxious, so it's always best to remain calm.

I'm looking forward to the next stage and incorporating even more finger foods, lumps and Grace's meals looking like 'proper meals'. How did you find your little one's adapted to the next stages of weaning?

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Friday, 15 April 2016

Grace's 6-7 Months Update

Grace is now 7 1/2 months so I'm a bit behind with posting this, but bear with me! 6 months was a pivotal point in her development so far and also how I've been coping as a mum too. I found the first few months extremely hard whilst recovering from major surgery, problems with Grace and my own personal battle with trying to be a mum and housewife.

6 months just seemed to change and began to get a bit easier all round (although I'm certain I'll jinx it now!). It still takes me all day to get out of the house, but I'm finally getting faster at getting us both ready. 6 months was another pivotal point in Grace's life as it was the first time that her dad went away for a long time. She soon adapted to being without her dad, but for me, it was extremely difficult. Now that he's back again she's back to being a complete daddy's girl, although she still doesn't get to see him much, that's a story for another day!

Time feels like it's speeding up even more and now she's pushing closer to 8 months I just wish it would slow down. She's always been miss independent but this month I found her increasingly wanting to do everything herself.


  • Gives kisses and cuddles
  • Backwards crawls
  • Puts her dummy back in (and anything else she wants in her mouth)
  • Tries to bum shuffle to get to where she wants to be
  • Cut her third tooth at the top 
  • Is still in 6-9 months clothing
  • Has started to sleep much better and is capable of sleeping through now yay!
  • Weighed 18lbs 2oz on 21/02 at 29 weeks old
  • Loves to be mischevious, she loves the tv remote, mummy's phone and trying to grab anything she knows she's not allowed!
  • Loves to grab the cats when they walk by - poor cats!
Weaning is still going extremely well, this week we've seen our consultant and also the dietician for the first time to combine information and see how we can help Grace's reflux and CMPA (cows milk protein allergy). Our hospital trust no longer test for CMPA directly through blood tests or skin pricks, so the only way to tell how she's doing is by process of elimination. 

We'll see how she gets on over the next few months, but the dietician has advised to attempt the bottom stage of the milk ladder once we feel confident, as close to 1 years old as possible as research shows that they rarely grow out of it by this age.

For regular updates make sure to follow me on Instagram! :) we'll be back soon with more posts and a weaning update.

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