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Storksak Bailey Changing Bag in Coral - £125 Natural Baby Shower
I can't even believe we're at the hospital bag stage, but here we are! I have been slowly packing little bits every now and again but with having a few false alarms recently, I decided just to get them finished so I could be calmer about what was coming with us. Pinterest helped me out a lot, I searched for hospital bag and found tons of different checklists so combined a few options.

I've packed 2 separate bags, mainly because I just want to take half of the house! Baby girl's bag is her Storksak Bailey changing bag which is huge, but boy does it need to be bigger.

1 Swaddle Blanket
1 Cellular Blanket
Jelly Kitten Bashful Bunny Soother
Since getting pregnant I read a lot about the Aden & Anais products and decided to try out the Jungle Jam muslin swaddle in the bird print. Natural Baby Shower offered 10% off so I went with them and delivery was super fast! I have also packed a Clair de Lune cellular blanket since this was recommended by the hospital.

My favourite part of the hospital bag is this gorgeous Jelly Kitten Bunny Soother, it's so soft! I'm now obsessed with Jelly Cat to say the least and she owns a reasonable collection.

3 Hats | 2 Pairs of Socks
1 Booties | 2 Pairs of Scratch Mitts
Most of the items I've packed have built in scratch mitts, but just in case I've also got 2 spare pairs. 2 pairs of socks may not be enough so I may pack another.

I also have 1 full pack of Pampers first size nappies since we have had tons gifted, along with a few trial packs of spares. WaterWipes have become my obsession, I think it's due to the packaging but I've been stocking up in bulk when there's offers. I've heard such great things! Nappy sacks, for obvious reasons..A few miniature travel sized items that were in Emma's Diary packs may come in handy too, but I doubt we'll use them all.
2 Bibs
3 Short Sleeve Vests (various sizes)
3 Muslin Squares
2 Soothers
You may notice a theme throughout...everything is mainly white. As much as I love pink, I didn't want to overload her bag with pink and most things were purchased or gifted before we knew she is a girl. My Mother-in-Law gifted us with plenty of The Little White Company in the first size so it seemed perfect to pack all of these items.

I'm also in love with the cat based muslin square on the far right, this is by a brand called Angel Dear based in the US that I found in TK Maxx. It's so soft and will be used a lot I can already tell!

4 Babygrows/Sleepsuits (various sizes)
Coming home outfit
The coming home outfit is really special to me and my husband, it's the first outfit we bought and was on the way back from our second scan at 12 weeks. We'd had the all clear and picked up this 8 piece set so this had to be her first outfit. It's first size, so I'm hoping this fits her!

I think that's everything that I've packed, along with some cotton wool pads that I'm yet to put in there. Of course I'll be using my hospital notes between now and then, but this will be added. I do plan to breastfeed but should it not go as planned, we've picked up some ready-made formula milk bottles so will take those too. I keep adding and changing bits so the contents may well change up to the last minute depending on the weather.

I did tons of research before packing everything and notice that the list differs hugely depending on where you're from and the particular hospital you're giving birth at. I will be doing my hospital bag post once I've finished that soon. I hope this helps if you're due to pack your hospital bag.

Is there anything else you think I should pack for baby girl? 

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There's been quite a few significant changes this week so I felt there was enough to update you with my weekly progress. I had a bit of a scare mid-week where I had so many Braxton Hicks contractions in a short period of time, all day, that I was unsure whether this was true labour or not. I kept timing them but they didn't last long enough, nor were they really painful, just very uncomfortable.

I've had them quite a bit since but no other signs, so I'm guessing this is just nature's way of preparing my body for labour.

31 Weeks (ignore the paleness!) | Gift from Grandma | Mine and baby's hospital bags nearly packed.
How far along? 32 weeks.
Total weight gain: 12lbs.
Maternity clothes? No more.
Stretch marks? I can't tell if there are any new ones at this stage, but let's say I'm pretty well covered!
Sleep: Badly, I've woken up so much in the night with pressure down there from the baby's head and general kicking around. I generally only wake up to pee once at the most so I'm quite lucky in that aspect. My husband has been working nights too so I never really sleep as well on my own.
Best moment this week: Hearing baby's heartbeat at the doctors and knowing she's already head down and still nice and healthy!

I could not resist the Zara baby sale! These are all 6-9 months so won't be worn for a long while yet.
Miss anything? Laying on my front and back. It gets very uncomfortable now sleeping on either side, lifting my bump whenever I turn. I've been boiling this week in this southern heat that we've been having (or is it due to my pregnancy hormones?!)
Food cravings: Nothing new, just sweet things and cereal.
Anything making you queasy or sick? I've had a bit of nausea all week whenever baby girl gets really active but nothing of concern.
Gender: Girl!
Labour signs: As I mentioned earlier, lots of Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the day but mainly in the evening and night.
Symptoms: It's getting to the tough stage of pregnancy and I'm struggling to walk now without being in tons of pain. I was diagnosed with Pelvic Girdle Pain and have been referred for physio, but I suspect it could be a lengthy process as I still haven't heard anything as of yet. Living on 3 floors means lots of stairs, that's tough. Our bedroom is on the top floor so I have to rest before getting to the top haha. Rib pain has been quite a common problem too, she's definitely filling up my tummy now!

Another cute little purchase from Homesense for a bargain £3.99 :)
Belly button in or out? Out.
Happy or moody most of the time: I've been quite fed up this week and not myself due to the symptoms aforementioned :( Hopefully this week will be better as my husband is off work so we can start painting the nursery, yippee!
Looking forward to: Finally getting the nursery finished, or at least the majority of it looking pretty and clean.

A rather lengthy update while it's fresh in my mind. I can't believe I'm now 32 weeks! 8 weeks to go (ish), 2 months! I feel pretty prepared now, we're so excited for her to arrive!

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30 Weeks | I couldn't resist this buttercup bunny spiral toy from Mothercare. So cute!
Moving house at 29/30 weeks pregnant is no fun and although I wasn't involved in the heavy lifting process, I still had to pack and unpack where I wanted everything. As a result, I've been tired non-stop ever since. I've now moved back to Oxfordshire, you may remember I was here last year as we had to move closer to my husbands military base. I love the area, it's so beautiful.

How far along? 30 weeks + 6 days. 31 weeks tomorrow - eek!
Total weight gain: 11.7lbs.
Maternity clothes? No new ones, I did buy a few H&M tops in the non-maternity section though that should keep me going for a few weeks and postpartum.
Stretch marks? Even more, I can't keep up!
Sleep: Pretty terrible, I've had severe pelvic pain on my right-hand side alongside baby's extremely active movements in the ribs and various other places, it really disturbs my sleep. :(
Best moment this week: Starting on baby girl's nursery and washing her tiny, cute little clothes!
Miss anything? Not having hayfever right now! Not being able to take medication is killing me. Having uninterrupted sleep wouldn't go amiss either.
Freshly washed and ironed baby grows :) | A sneak peek at her beautiful cot
Food cravings: Sweet things still, nothing new.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.
Gender: Girl!
Labour signs: I'm still unsure if what I've been experiencing is Braxton Hicks. It's difficult to tell as I can feel her back really high up a lot when I stand up quickly.
Symptoms: Pelvic pain, being out of breath easily and the generic waddling while I walk if that counts haha.
Belly button in or out? Out.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Hearing about her update at the midwife tomorrow and baby's pram and car seat arrive today! :)

These updates just keep whizzing around. My bump and boobs are even bigger now and they're way too heavy for me to carry comfortably, I really don't know how I'm going to cope in weeks to come! 

I've been pretty active on Instagram and Pinterest lately so if you're looking for more sneak peeks into the nursery, as well as house and baby clothes, head over to those social media channels in between updates!

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