Sunday, 22 January 2017

Second Trimester Update - Baby #2

I promised myself that I'd stay regular with these posts like I did in my pregnancy with Grace but sadly I failed, so I thought I'd combine everything into one post about my second trimester.

I'm now 27 weeks so just entering into my third and final trimester which sounds scary! Time has flown even more and I feel like I've neglected this baby so much, it's just not the same when you already have a toddler to run around after. By the time Grace is in bed, I'm that exhausted that I either flop on the sofa or bed.

In terms of comparisons, I'd say this pregnancy seems very similar to my last with Grace; so much so that I wouldn't be surprised if Grace's clone came out! Their movements are the same, the way my body has reacted to the pregnancy and not to mention the dreaded morning sickness. It's lingered a lot more than I remembered with the last, but is finally starting to ease up.

How far along? 27+1 weeks
Total weight gain: 0.2lbs
Maternity clothes? Quite a few, I cannot fit into any pre-pregnancy clothes at all anymore :( not even tops or jumpers
Stretch marks? I can't actually see any new ones, but I've also neglected to moisturise as much as I did with Grace - oops!
Sleep: What sleep? We've hit a very rocky patch with Grace and sleep is pretty non-existent right now. Makes me far more exhausted..
Best moment this week: Buying baby 2 a cute little outfit and continuing to look at double prams - please can someone recommend me some tandem prams?! I'm so baffled by them all and feel a bit fussy..
Miss anything? Sleeping on my front or back without issues!
Food cravings: Chocolate! Although I'm not sure it's classed as a craving, just making up for lost time whilst I barely ate for 2 trimesters.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Stinky nappies and any foul smells generally.
Gender: We did end up finding out the gender, but haven't revealed it this time.
Labour signs: Lotsss of Braxton Hicks contractions that started around 17 weeks - compared to 29 weeks last time.
Symptoms: Needing to pee all the time but having 'pee disappointment', Braxton Hicks as I mentioned above, Pelvic Girdle Pain is back with a vengeance causing me endless pain all day long, tightness in my stomach, my caesarean scar causes me quite a lot of irritation when wearing clothes and underwear. I'm at the moaning stage of pregnancy, can you tell?!
Belly button in or out? Out. It's been out for quite a number of weeks now.
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody - and I'm sure my husband won't disagree with me! I've been pretty fed up with this cold weather and trying to look after Grace whilst feeling terrible. 
Looking forward to: Getting more prepared now for the baby's arrival and packing my hospital bag, it makes things seem so real! We're also considering what to do about the nursery, as we'd prefer them to go in the same room once baby is out of ours...more tips and advice needed!

I had my first consultant appointment at 20 weeks which was hugely disappointing. After the very brief chat about my previous labour with Grace, we were handed a leaflet and advised to make our own minds up about what I wanted from labour second time around and come back at 36 weeks. Not the kind of support I expected from consultant led care.. after mentioning this to the midwife, she wasn't all that supportive either so I guess I just need to do my own research on the pros and cons against a VBAC/elective c-section. 

As it stands I've made my mind up; although that being said, I'm still open to options and love to hear success stories to reassure me that it's possible. 

Also, if anyone already has a newborn and toddler, please let me know your recommended purchases (prams, nursery etc). I need all the 2 under 2 tips that I can get! 

Now that I've completed my nutrition course that I was studying for, I intend to get regular updates posted - Grace depending! So I will be back very soon..

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Our 12 Month Weaning Journey

Happy New Year everyone! What has really been a huge rollercoaster of a year, it's been great to start afresh and look forward to the fun things to come in 2017. It's started off as quite a rocky journey with sad news and going into my third trimester has proven quite difficult to juggle my course (with a broken laptop), Grace as mostly a solo parent and trying to balance life without being too stressed.

Today I wanted to reflect on our HiPP Organic weaning journey. Over the past 12 months, I've blogged about our weaning journey which has taken us from first tastes, to present day which Grace is still dairy free, but can quite happily eat solid foods.

We've loved working with HiPP Organic and have felt great confidence in having the nutrionist, Helen Gardiner, on hand. They also support all families every step of the way, offering help and advice on their site. Before weaning I was so worried about all of the usual problems that weaning could potentially face but we breezed through the process with minimal mishaps.

There were lots of messy faces (and messy floors!), inquisitive looks and fun with playing with food to build up Grace's confidence. We learnt not to worry too much and just take our time, weaning is supposed to be fun, not a chore. Grace is now 16 months old and we started weaning at 4 1/2 months so it's quite strange to imagine a life before food now!

Our favourite moment of all was definitely the first initial taste test. Grace took to her first tastes like a duck to water and it was lovely to see and I cannot wait to go through it all again with our next baby. I will be looking back at all of our information from HiPP to remind myself of the process.

We've loved the ease of using HiPP products and will continue to use them again with our next baby. They really do take pride in going the extra mile to make sure that every ingredient they produce is the best it can possibly be, both for baby, parents and the environment.

As you know, Grace suffers from reflux and fruits that are high in acid can really flare this up even to this day. Knowing that HiPP's fruit varieties are very low in acid, makes it easier for sensitive babies stomachs to digest. Their spinach is also low in nitrates, which can be harmful for babies in high doses.

One of my favourite pictures from the very early days, Grace's first tastes of carrot and sure to say she loved it!

I thoroughly enjoyed the journey from start to finish and we're still continuing with our weaning journey, introducing more key allergens into Grace's diet, to get to the root cause of her eczema and stomach problems.

I would love to hear how your weaning journey went. Are you still in the middle of the process? What were your highs and lows of weaning?

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Feeding A Toddler

Weaning has taken such a different turn over the past year and of course, it's been our first time in the whole weaning experience. Thankfully we've been working with Hipp Organic over the past year and their nutritionist, Helen Gardiner. The information that they have provided has been crucial for reassurance that we're doing it right.

If you're looking for tips and hints on how to deal with feeding a fussy toddler, Hipp has some information on their site here, along with vitamins and supplements, One thing that I struggle with right now is portion sizes. As Grace is at nursery, I rarely get to feed her myself at the moment, but I leave her with food and never know if it's far too much.

Her leg always has to be on the tray during every meal! Makes for very messy eating..

Did you know that the average toddler need to eat roughly 95 kcal per kg of body weight?
I certainly didn't. I find it hard to judge and also depends how much of an appetite your little one has. Grace has a pretty big one and I'm sure she'd keep going and gong if I let her! For more information on portion sizes, check out this link:

I'm trying to keep a great relationship with Grace surrounding food in the hope she doesn't turn into a fussy toddler, but there are days when she's ill or simply doesn't fancy food (just like us!), I try not to worry and keep offering her water until she's ready to eat again. Soon enough we'll be beginning our weaning journey all over again with baby #2!

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Friday, 25 November 2016

First Trimester Update - Baby #2

As you may have seen in my last update, I announced that I am expecting our second baby and time is flying much more than before! I am now just under 19 weeks pregnant, so nearly halfway already eek!

I found the first trimester very difficult and it was a pretty easy spot when I realised I was pregnant. I'd been feeling very 'off'' and quite nauseous. I took a test and sure enough it said positive! The shock still doesn't go away even when you're planning for it. Being pregnant with a toddler keeping me very busy isn't all that fun, I found myself napping when I could and being constantly exhausted. Sadly I'm still in that phase, but hoping more energy will come once I get rid of this cold.

I am much bigger bump wise this time around than last time and it makes me think I'm further ahead than I am when I catch sight of myself in reflections. I will do slight comparisons to my pregnancy with Grace just to look back on. If you want to check out my previous early pregnancy updates then here's my previous 15 weeks, 16 weeks and 17 and 18 weeks updates.

How far along? 18 weeks + 6 days
Total weight gain: -5.8lbs. I've lost more weight this time due to sickness & lack of appetite and am yet to put any weight on.
Maternity clothes? I purchased some new over bump jeggings this week from New Look but haven't been too enthused so far, they're a horrible fit :(
Stretch marks? Not noticed any new ones but still have an ample supply from last time!
Sleep: Terrible - but that's due to Grace's lack of liking sleep than me struggling to fall/stay asleep!
Best moment this week: Starting to feel the first subtle kicks. They're so delicate at this stage and if I'm not concentrating I can easily miss them.
Miss anything? This week I've been very poorly with some sort of cold so I really wish I could take all of the cold and flu drugs. It means it's taking forever to go away and I've really struggled this time.  
Food cravings: Fizzy Vimto and ice again. Clearly must be rather dehydrated..oops.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  My sickness is finally starting to die down which is making pregnancy bearable as I've had it pretty bad this time round. Or maybe it seems worse because I have Grace to look after too.
Gender: No idea yet.
Labour signs: Nope.
Symptoms: Nausea, extreme exhaustion, headaches and sore boobs.
Belly button in or out? It's already starting to half pop out which seems far too early. I really hate the look of it.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy - but tired and irritable.
Looking forward to: The 20 week scan and finding out the gender so I can commence buying clothes and feeling a bit more organised.

There we have it, my first update for baby #2. I have my scan in just over a week so I can't wait for that to come round. We have absolutely no idea about names at the moment and I'm really hoping that knowing the gender will force us to make a decision sooner than later. Failing that, Grace can name the new baby for us ha (it'd most likely end up being called Peppa or Thomas!)

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